happy labor day weekend!

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here are some diana’s i took over 4th of july at the parade in DC. {i know, i’m just now getting around to developing the film… please don’t judge} … what are you’re plans for labor day? we’re heading to NYC tomorrow for the weekend to catch some tennis at the US Open with husbands parents.... Read more

Fort Bridger, Wyoming:

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Mountain Man Rendezvous-

For the past 10 years, my family has participated in the big mountain man rendezvous in Ft. Bridger, Wyoming over Labor Day Weekend. The fort was established by mountain man Jim Bridger in the early 1800’s for fur tradings between mountain men and native american indians pre 1840’s.

The rendezvous is open for tourists each day, but in order to stay in the fort, a tipi or wedge tent is required, and all items-clothing, food, etc must be period correct.... Read more

Mountain Man Rendevous at Ft. Bridger, WY

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Each year, over Labor Day, my family (including our dog Buster) haul our big tipi up to Fort Bridger, a mountain man rendevous in Wyoming for the weekend. Over 2,000 people attend, where you trade or barter, camp out with other families in old tipi’s, eat dutch oven cooking over a fire, see some pretty sweet sites, and meet some very interesting people....

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