life lately. (but not according to my iphone.)

these photos are from the week before last. when my sister hannah was here and before josh had to shave that sexy scruff off his face. :( friends have been asking how i’ve been doing in the city with the two babes this week since josh is back to long office hours and my sister is no longer in town.... Read more

strawberry picking.

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a few days ago, eleanor and i went strawberry picking with our friends carissa and rinah. we picked some of the most beautiful and ripe strawberries i’ve had. and despite our efforts, eleanor maybe sampled every strawberry in the field by taking a bite out of it. oops! i had big ideas of what i wanted to make with these strawberries, but somehow, one big bowl-full at a time, they’ve been disappearing from our fridge much faster than anticipated.... Read more

a chalk board wall for miss eleanor.

a couple of weeks ago, josh and i painted a chalk board wall for eleanor in her nursery. i have long loved chalk board walls in homes (i painted one for myself in my first new york city apartment, and josh and i have had one in every space we’ve lived in together, too– see here, here, and here).... Read more

mother’s day.

the night before mother’s day, eleanor woke up almost every 45 minutes. i think we were all pretty confused by it, including eleanor. the night was hard and exhausting for all of us and i kept thinking, “mother’s day. yeah, right…” by 4:30 in the morning, we all gave up trying to sleep and found ourselves in the kitchen having toast and warm milk together as a family.... Read more