little date.

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last saturday, we finally got around to seeing where the wild things are {we think it’s a beautiful film, even if it’s long} and had great burgers {and amazing apple pie} at chadwicks in georgetown. we also read books and magazines at barnes&noble which gave me a flashback to summer & fall of 2006, when we’d do that a lot on little dates.... Read more

meet the brockintons.

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meet sam & ashley. we don’t know them, 

but after seeing this little film they put together,  i’m dying to meet them! thank you ashley for sending this my way!  you two are adorable! also, totally reminds me of one of my favorite films, amelie. so good! ... Read more

man on wire.

i don’t know how i missed this last year.  if you haven’t, go see man on wire today.  {you can watch it instantly if you are a member of netflix}. this man has so much passion for life.  and what an incredible story.  watch the trailer here. ... Read more