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it was very messy and a little bit sticky, but we had a pretty incredible time strawberry picking the other day about an hour and a half outside of the city at alstede farms in new jersey. i intentionally wore a black t-shirt (this isn’t my first rodeo as a mama on a berry farm!) and brought back up onesies for the baby girls – although truth be told, i keep seeing that tie-dye has totally made a comeback this year in fashion and i mean, these two just wanted a chance to be a part of that DIY tie-dye trend....

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spring has sprung!

these photos are from a glorious day of sunshine last week where we were able to shed our bigger puffy coats and enjoy some of that vitamin D in central park together while we played on the rocks and visited the animals at the petting zoo. it felt and looked and smelled like spring, and i couldn’t get enough of it....

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family walks in central park!

central park never gets old. on the way home from our family walk last night, josh said to me, “could you believe central park tonight?!” and then we spent a solid couple of minutes shaking our heads in agreement at how beautiful the park is this time of year, with all the deep bold colors. and also how fortunate we are to have her so close to our home. ...

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