imaginations and pretend play!

if there is one thing our family loves to do together, it’s play. josh and i talk at length every night after we tuck the kids in bed about what incredible imaginations and minds our kiddos have. kids at this age are just so incredible! the sky is the limit when it comes to what is possible, and they aren’t inhibited by fear or social pressures or norms or the world just yet.  ...

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E and Me.

the sweetest thing took place a week or two ago when i bought this fluffy pink tutu skirt and tried it on at home in front of my mirror.

eleanor walked into my bedroom about a minute later and gasped, “mama, you look so beautiful!” i thanked her and we must have started chatting about something else because i had taken the skirt off and was hanging it up when she interrupted me and asked, “may i try it on?”

now, this is a big deal because my sweet eleanor usually isn’t super big on pink, anything frilly or princess-y and when dressing herself, always chooses some sort of variation on pajamas....

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dress up*.

sometimes we wear fake noses + side burns around our apartment.  it’s called dress up time.  it’s what the weekends are for… *i am thankful for a husband who willingly plays dress up with me.  our little girls are sure going to love their daddy someday.  ... Read more