dog lover.

once upon a time, before josh and i were married, we had a conversation about future pets. “i like animals, but i’m not a pet person. i don’t ever want a dog or anything like that. ok?” that is what josh said to me back in the day. and since i had yet to discover my hidden love for anything on fours that barked, i replied, “ok…”

things have certainly changed at our house.... Read more

kingsley makes friends during the snowpocalypse 2010.

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my favorite part of the snow storms we’ve been experiencing in DC is how people always come outside, with big smiles on their faces and meet their neighbors during a storm. you see people on country skis, lots of sleds and shovels and the best part…..dogs everywhere!

kingsley has fully recovered from his pneumonia phase last month, but we’re still paranoid parents and only took him outside for a few minutes on saturday before bundling him up back in doors.... Read more

on the search….

we’d love to have both of these….

but for christmas, we’re on the search for the one of the left. anyone know where we can get an excellent english bulldog puppy? —preferably on the east coast– (or do you have other recommendations for types of dogs)? we need your help! we are so excited!!!!!! we’re going to teach our little rockstar to do things like this.... Read more