music for eleanor, check ups, and getting ready for june!

this child can’t seem to get enough music in her life. always wanting to play the piano, bob her head up and down to music and dance. a car drove by our home the other day with rap music so loud we could hear it inside and eleanor immediately stopped what she was doing and began shaking her little body to the beat.... Read more

on journals…

this may come off really cheesy, but sometimes i like cheese.

so, i was watching the bachelor the other day (yes, i watch it. yes, it’s a joke. but yes, i absolutely of love it) and one of the contestants started opening up and professing her love for jake, the bachelor. it appeared so sincere and sweet that it got me thinking back to the first time josh told me he had fallen in love with me (it is one of my sweetest memories to date).... Read more