kingsley turns 2!

yesterday mister kingsley turned 2! we celebrated with lots of tummy rubs and a pup donut. love this little monster like crazy. happy birthday, kingsley! … see mister kingsley’s first birthday here. ... Read more

diary by kingsley: sonja loves me.

hi friends, it’s me! kingsley.

and i’d just like to thank sonja for making me look so handsome! she’s my new favorite human. mom, you should hang this drawing up over my crate… or maybe use it for my 2 year birthday party invitation coming up next month (hint hint). or frame it really big for your gallery wall in the living room?... Read more

diary by kingsley: i guess she can stay.

“hi friends, it’s me. kingsley. i’m sorry posting has been light these days in my diary. mom lost one of my favorite chew toys during the move so i haven’t been feeling like myself much lately. i’ve also taken up sunbathing on my new front lawn so that takes up most of my time these days.... Read more