i’ve had this roll of film from the diana+ in the car for months and just now developed it. i’m sort of really liking what the bitter cold of the car did to the films edges. what a lovely little surprise. xo ... Read more

mother dear.

last week, was a very hard week for me. i called my mom in tears. i couldn’t even get the words out— so i just cried on my end of the phone and let her listen. she listened, but not for long. she told me to go outside and take a walk. get some fresh air.... Read more

black and white diana love.

i took a roll of b&w lomography film to nyc last weekend.  if you’re going to buy some film, be careful with that kind.  it’s really hard to work with and impossible to wind properly. as a result, a lot of these weren’t properly taken…  but i’m posting them anyway  because the mistakes in these photos are growing on me.... Read more