devotchka…. we love you.

we’ve been in love with the sound of devotchka forever. but saturday night took our love to a whole new level. yes, we arrived extra early to be first in line. yes, we stood front center, leaning on the stage  looking up at the band like a bunch of crazies.  and yes, that was my husband who caught the cork  to nick urata’s wine bottle {silly husband.} go have a listen.... Read more

i’m just happy. you know, so very happy.

last night i made up a recipe as i cooked dinner {meaning i tried to incorporate what i had in the fridge} and ended up with a homemade seafood-stir fry-pasta-something-dish. it made me fall in love with the snow pea hard core. how i had forgotten to include these to every single dish my entire life i have no idea.... Read more