match box dances.

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a few years ago i worked with my dear sweet adam, a friend and classmate from our days at juilliard, on a short, four-part dancefilm, match box dances. it’s been picked up by a couple of film festivals, which we’re thrilled about, and was also just recently released online, which you can view in its entirety here.... Read more

a beautiful animated little film {and giveaway winners announced!}

a friend i grew up dancing with shared this beautiful little animated dance film with me last week and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched it since. i love anything with dance (well, good dance) and the collaboration behind this project is just magical. plus, animation rocks my world. it makes me want to go improv in my living room right now… maybe once this pregnant belly stops getting in the way, i’ll do just that.... Read more

miss sarah and little dmitri.

last saturday, we had our friend sarah (and her adorable little one, dmitri) over for some yummy homemade paella (thank you josh) and rice pudding (thank you rice to riches, nyc). after dinner, we played jump rope, puppy tug of war, josh was a tickle monster (which eventually made dmitri cry– oops!) among other games and things.... Read more