well, it’s happening! we’ve made it to the monday before thanksgiving which means at this time on friday, i will be wearing christmas jammies and decorating my christmas tree with mariah carey singing her heart out on my bluetooth speaker and nobody can stop me. the best time of year is finally here and i’m gonna end this sentence with extra exclamation points just to get the message across of how stoked i am!!!!!!...

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have a wonderful very merry christmas! and a few photos from life lately…

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hi! i don’t know how christmas snuck up on us so quickly, but it’s happening! we have been so busy the past few days with all of our holiday prep, i’ve neglected posting here! i did a big deep clean of our apartment tonight once the kiddos went to bed and finished wrapping all of their gifts while listening to christmas music and it put me in the best mood!...

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happy thanksgiving!

i read some really beautiful words on social media the other night that said the practice of gratitude is 3 things.

1. notice. 2. savor. 3. express. 

i loved that. such a beautiful reminder.

i’ve learned over the years that one of the very best gifts i can give myself is my outlook on life. on finding gratitude and joy in what and who is around me....

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a little film: ship home for the holidays!

with the holidays here, i’m so excited to be working with FedEx this season as they help people ship home for the holidays! with the help of locals, FedEx curated a box filled with products that taste, smell and feel a little like home from small businesses around new york! something to send to those loved ones who can’t be home in the city with you for the holidays.  ...

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