our family’s christmas card!

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for me, one of the very parts about the holiday season is sending and receiving holiday cards from friends and family near and far! as a photo loving human being who can’t get enough of all things pictures, i especially love seeing cards with happy faces of loved ones and their littles.  getting my mail each day during this season is so much fun for me (the only time of the year frankly that that rings true!) and i can’t help but hang and display each card we receive in our kitchen....

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our family christmas card photos!

i’m so excited to share our family photos for our christmas card this year! i love how they turned out.  katie rain took them at the beginning of the month on a super cold saturday morning where i tried my best to really bundle everyone up but we still felt cold (my ankles especially. will i ever learn?!) i don’t know why family photos tend to stress me out, but i felt a little anxious this round when we’re trying to get all five of us in one shot....

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