mommy daughter date.

a couple of weeks ago, eleanor and i had a little mommy daughter date together. we got our nails painted at the nail salon and shared a few rice krispy treats at treat house on the upper west side.  that place is pretty cool inside. it’s like a tree house! ;)

it’s not often that it happens, but i’m trying to find more opportunities to spend one on one time with just eleanor or just samson, rather than always with both.  ...

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saturday morning.

on saturday morning, josh surprised me by having eleanor’s babysitter (who we are losing to sunny arizona in a few weeks which makes me wanna cry) knock on our front door at 8:30 in the morning! happy mother’s day to me! josh and i spent the morning together sans toddler (but not sans that big ol’ baby bump) and enjoyed a nice long brunch at founding farmers.... Read more