pop up pool in brooklyn!

last tuesday, a few friends and i checked out the pop up pool at brooklyn bridge park.  while this city is pretty darn awesome, something it does run short on are good public pools. with 90+ degree weather and humidity to match that, sometimes a splash pad doesn’t really cut it (but i will take anything, ANYTHING!...

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hello! happy monday! last saturday morning we went out to dumbo for one of our little friend’s birthday party. the forecast said thunderstorms all day but the rain looked like it was holding off, so we decided to stay in brooklyn and make a day out of it. we rode the ferry from dumbo to williamsburg and ate ourselves silly at smorgasburg, brooklyn’s flea food market....

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black and white diana love.

i took a roll of b&w lomography film to nyc last weekend.  if you’re going to buy some film, be careful with that kind.  it’s really hard to work with and impossible to wind properly. as a result, a lot of these weren’t properly taken…  but i’m posting them anyway  because the mistakes in these photos are growing on me.... Read more