and then we hit a manhole and broke our car.

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we were on our way home from a fun sushi dinner with friends on saturday night, minding our own business, when we hit a dug up manhole (is that what it’s called? someone please tell me the lingo) in the middle of the our lane. it damaged the bottom of our car and oil started spewing everywhere.... Read more

where’s the car?

somewhere in that pile of snow is our little beetle. she has had one rough week. on friday, a big mean SUV hit her because the driver wasn’t paying any attention while making a left turn (yes, i was driving. but no, it wasn’t my fault. also, no one got hurt… just our car– unfortunately.) and then on saturday, the snow piled on her so high, we thought her convertible top just might cave.... Read more

flat tire.

husband and i both had pretty rough days today. and i guess our beetle didn’t want to feel left out… at the end of our day, she gave up  and gave us a flat on the way home. i got mad at her {and husband- after all, he DID drive up on the curb which caused the flat} but i’m working on my anger  and had fun with the camera while my love fixed the tire.... Read more