the australian open (photos + a video!)

without a doubt, our day at the australian open while in melbourne was dreamy. when we started talking about making this dream trip of ours a reality, we knew we needed to make sure we timed it to be there for the open. i’m so glad we did! the arena is much smaller than most tennis stadiums (the US open arena feels twice as big) so we were able to snag seats on the third row which made the entire experience feel a little more intimate....

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photos from melbourne, australia!

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after giving myself quite the heart attack last week when my hard drive experienced some crazy issues and we thought for a few days there that all of our photos and videos from the last year (australia included) might be gone forever, we are back in action! close call, and big lesson learned. i think i may be done with hard drives....

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whitehaven beach, whitsunday islands australia!

we flew out of sydney a few days ago for the next stop on our australia trip, hamilton island! we have been here a couple of days now and i truly don’t ever want to leave! this place is incredible. our family took a seaplane out to whitehaven beach early one morning and hands down, it’s up there in my top handful of life experiences for sure....

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