at the MoMA…

last week i was out running some errands with the littles downtown when both fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.  i decided to test my luck and try to run by the MoMA since two sleeping babies meant i’d actually be able to stop and pause and stroll slowly through the museum all while enjoying it at my own pace....

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casey o’connell is a gifted individual who i was fortunate enough to meet through this little blog a few years ago and who is now someone i consider to be a very close and dear friend. she has her very own solo exhibit opening tonight in new york city! and while i’m so sad i can’t be there, i wanted to share the details with any of you who are lucky enough to be in new york city right now… opening reception: tonight!... Read more

mister kingsley.

it always makes our day when someone who follows the blog comes up to us and says hello. we’ve met a lot of wonderful people this way. but it makes us even happier when they automatically greet kingsley by name! from hello to goodbye, it’s all about mister kingsley. and you know he loves it, too!... Read more