tips for finding cheap airline tickets for family travel!

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one of my most frequently asked questions these days is around finding deals on airfare, especially since we are a family of 5 (and 5 tickets add up!!!!) but have gotten the hang of finding cheaper airfare to destinations around the world, which has honestly become one of josh’s and my favorite pastimes. of course, what one considers a cheap airline ticket will vary from one person to the next, and i think we have an advantage living in new york city which is a big hub for many international airlines, but i do think it’s possible to find cheap tickets no matter where you are and where you want to go....

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a video: our trip to australia!

so excited to share a video josh and i made from our australia trip! this might be my favorite video we’ve made yet, because our time there was so special to us and these little snippets of video help bring all these little memories to life more than the pictures can. australia, we sure do hope we get to see you again someday, you were incredible....

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the australian open (photos + a video!)

without a doubt, our day at the australian open while in melbourne was dreamy. when we started talking about making this dream trip of ours a reality, we knew we needed to make sure we timed it to be there for the open. i’m so glad we did! the arena is much smaller than most tennis stadiums (the US open arena feels twice as big) so we were able to snag seats on the third row which made the entire experience feel a little more intimate....

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