the first day of 2016…

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on the first day of 2016, we started our day at 4:27AM, because conrad just couldn’t wait a moment longer to begin the new year! (i don’t know why i just ended that sentence with an exclamation point. i absolutely hated that first hour at 4:30 in the morning. the year was most definitely NOT off to the very best start.)

on the first day of 2016, mama did eventually get a blessed morning nap (while papa so kindly took the kids on a bagel run.) starting the year off with a warm bagel from absolute did seem to lessen the harsh and unkind feelings i might have felt towards the new year a few hours prior....

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on unplugging.

i mentioned in this post from the other week that  josh and i were planning to unplug from our phones on sundays. it’s just so easy to check in with twitter or instagram for a second and lose ten minutes on there… what a time suck!  well anyway,  it has been two sundays since that post, and you know something?...

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a few favorite moments from last month, not to be forgotten.

^^^because this *was* a really beautiful moment. and then sister decided to kick brother in the back. you know, siblings. ^^^

^^^this box served as endless entertainment at our house for days … children don’t need toys. just tupperware. and a cardboard box. i swear. ^^^

^^^handmade rings with my loved ones’ names on my ring finger.^^^

^^^i don’t know where they get it from!...

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happy new year!

i cannot believe we are already into january, 2012! we spent the last week of december in utah with family and rang in the new year while we were there (although we went to bed by 10PM new years eve because we’re really cool like that.) for me, 2011 will forever be a year to remember.... Read more

little goals (that will be very hard for me to keep) but i will accomplish this year.

this year, i will diligently try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator. this year, i will make an effort to actually keep the clothes in my dresser folded and the stuff in my closet on the hangers. this year, i will wear earrings at least once. (i hate earrings on me. haven’t worn them in years… in fact, i might not have holes in my ears anymore it’s been that long.... Read more