saving bats with a hot chocolate stand!

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our kids have been fascinated by bats for a long time! when we were in australia earlier this year, we were able to watch this huge cloud of bats for several nights on hamilton island as they’d wake up and leave the trees, and then watch them fly around catching insects with the moon as their backdrop....

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vaNIElla squared cupcakes for nie nie

remember when i visited the sweet tooth fairy bake shop in provo utah a few months ago and fell in love with their key lime cupcake? well, if you’re in utah country tomorrow, it’s your chance to go fall in love  with their vaNIElla squared cupcake which was named in honor of nie nie. {and i know all of you love nie as much as i do} all proceeds from the sales tomorrow of the vaNIElla squared cupcakes  will go to the nielsen family and the arizona burn center.... Read more