little goals (that will be very hard for me to keep) but i will accomplish this year.

this year, i will diligently try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator. this year, i will make an effort to actually keep the clothes in my dresser folded and the stuff in my closet on the hangers. this year, i will wear earrings at least once. (i hate earrings on me. haven’t worn them in years… in fact, i might not have holes in my ears anymore it’s been that long.... Read more

happy new year!

we are thrilled 2010 is here! looking forward to lots of “kingsley” things. excited for 2010 travels to utah, florida, NYC, and cabo, mexico. fulfilling new goals and exciting work projects exploring DC more and being more adventurous maybe exercising a little giving more hugs to people and not feeling awkward about them developing myself more spiritually– strengthening my testimony of the gospel celebrating birthdays, a 3 year wedding anniversary and other special holidays planning a costume party for kingsley’s 1st halloween birthday (eeeek!) moving forward with other personal goals and dreams embracing everything else that’s thrown at us this year– the good, the bad….all of it!... Read more