croissant making day! (+ a recipe for you!)

i have the most delicious croissant recipe for you today, plus lots of photos (and a video on my instagram!) from a croissant making class our family recently took at mille-feuille bakery! plus a discount for you to take the class yourself.

you might remember when eleanor and i took a macaron making class together at the same bakery a few years ago after our girls trip to paris where she fell hard for her raspberry macaron....

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toddlers + greens + popsicle molds, oh my!

i’m still figuring a lot of stuff out when it comes to mothering. but one thing that’s evident after the last nine years of raising my five children is — there is not one specific parenting method/approach/style/book that fits all children. you’re in big trouble if you assume it’s a one-glove-fits-all sort of situation. which is why i always get a little weary when someone says, “this worked for my kid....

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whole wheat apple muffins!

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if you went apple picking this fall, chances are you came home with more apples than you know what to do with! or was that just us?! the baby girls have enjoyed playing this new game of ask for an apple and take a few bites and then go hide said apple somewhere in the apartment when mama isn’t looking so she can’t find it for a few days....

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7 ways we improve our family meals with our kids!

while our family attempts to do breakfast together each morning during the week, there is something special about our weekend mornings when things don’t feel as rushed and we can really take our time cooking and sitting at the breakfast table eating together having some nice long chats in our pajamas. we also skip the steel cut oats or eggs that we often eat during the week and opt for pancakes or french toast or waffles, which is just way more fun in my opinion....

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