be my valentine! (even for a minute, or two?!)

a few months shy of our 12th wedding anniversary (plus 5 sweet kids later that sometimes make that number feel 70 years longer), i’ve come to learn the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and any special occasion, really), isn’t with a fancy dinner or box of chocolates or tickets to a beautiful show (although those things are certainly nice and wonderful, too!...

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sparkly glitter shoes, museum dates and my almost two year old.

in less than a week, conrad will turn two years old. i don’t really want to talk about it just yet, because i’m a selfish mama who already feels like the last two years went by way too fast (besides the night shifts. which i also don’t want to talk about).

i’m so thankful for this little boy. he makes my heart burst, and it has been special to get to spend some one on one time with him this fall when his older sister and brother are away at school....

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a little date to see pipilotti rist!

back in 2008, i discovered pipilotti rist through an exhibition she was doing at the MoMA and i fell in love with her work called ever is over all. there is something about it that almost put me in a trance, where i could literally spend an hour just watching the same 3 minute clip in a loop, seeing and discovering new things each time i watched it, and piecing together a different story as well....

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