ten years of marriage.

did you get through all those photos?! haha! that was a lot of just josh and me, i know! (and sorry.) but i feel like celebrating the ten year wedding anniversary mark (which we celebrated this past monday) gives me an excuse to go through many of our photos from the last ten years of marriage and share a few of my favorites....

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fast and easy homemade tortilla soup!

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i think you all probably know by now that josh takes the lead in the kitchen when it comes to cooking in our home. thank goodness for that, seriously! but i think i’ve also shared how i’ve been making attempts to get more comfortable and confident in the kitchen, too. (mostly just trying to enjoy it more, really.) i wanted to share a super quick and easy homemade chicken tortilla soup recipe that i made last week and loved so much! ...

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twisted double buns tutorial + come to yoga with me!

while we were in utah this past week at my mom and dad’s house, i took some step by step pictures of one of my all time favorite hair styles i’ve loved wearing over the years that i get many questions about. my twisted double buns!

it felt like perfect timing too, since i am so excited to be partnering over the next month with JĀSÖN who offers a variety of personal care products that are free from harsh chemicals, making them safer our families and the environment....

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