roma, italia!

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hello from rome! i’m in a hotel room right now and should totally be sleeping because my babies are (I WILL REGRET THIS IN A FEW HOURS), but i also allowed myself to drink bunch of cokes today (did you know i gave up soda on january 1st?! i don’t think i blogged about it so maybe not....

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portofino, italia!

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well, it took a minute, but i finally have (way too many!) photos to share with you from the final portion of our time in europe last month, when we were in portofino and also portovenre, italy.

this batch of photos is from our time in portofino! i also have a lot of video footage that i need to finish editing, so it should make its way to my youtube channel later this week so be on the look out over there!...

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venezia, italia! part II

^^^samson somehow knew to wear this striped shirt so he’d fit in with all the other gondolieri.^^^

^^^E photo bombing the boys. hahaha.^^^

^^^the famous pierini from Harry’s Bar.^^^

^^^goodness, venice is stunning at night with all the lights reflecting on the water.^^^

^^^stealing a lick of papa’s cono di gelato.^^^

and that, folks, is a wrap!...

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venezia, italia! part I

here’s the last bit of our trip to italy from november, all thanks to my lost sim card which we found last week. what a joyous day!

so, venice! i was surprised at how much i loved our time in venice. mostly because josh has been before and wasn’t the biggest fan… also because  most people we know suggested we skip it or spend just one day there tops....

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