samson rex is NINE!

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Last week, my handsome mister Samson celebrated his ninth birthday! It’s bananas that this kid in NINE in what has honestly felt like the blink of an eye. I’m a lot better at keeping on top of posting these days on instagram than my blog (especially since I can do it on the go and with just my thumbs!) but I want to be better at getting back to the longer format blog pages because there is something about posting over here that just makes me feel like I’m home.

We celebrated hard with a birthday party at Top Golf and a birthday dinner at a seafood restaurant and so much strawberry shortcake in the short span of two weekends because it’s his favorite and the perfect summer dessert to end most meals! This kid got his own golf clubs (he’s really enjoying golf lately although I know he’s a soccer player at heart — if you saw him on the soccer field during a match you’d understand why!), but whatever it is he’s into, I’m into it too and love cheering him on!

A few of the words I shared on social as we celebrate this incredible kid–

I vividly remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Samson. I stood dumbfounded holding the positive pregnancy test in my hand while also juggling 7-month old baby Eleanor in my arms. We’d had to work hard to get his big sister here— a journey marked with a few years of trying, pregnancy loss, and IVF. But then here he was! And unlike all my other complicated birth experiences, Samson arrived to this earth peacefully, quietly, calming and so freaking smoothly. I don’t have favorite children but I definitely have favorite births and everyone in this family is well aware that it’s this guy’s because we joke hard about how much I talk about it. ;)⁣

I share this to bring context to the fact that our mister Samson is the gift that keeps on giving. He is a light that draws so many, a friend to all, the peacemaker in our family with a drive for life that inspires me.  He is a fast learner, a natural athlete, a team player and kind leader.  I love his contagious laugh usually accompanied by a jump and hand dance that is still going strong, nine years in.  He likes to have plans, meaning he likes written itineraries for the day and a schedule to follow. I can count on him to drop what he’s doing and help me at any given moment. He’ll say, “you got it, Mama” and just like that, he’s on his way. Somehow he’s become the animal whisperer diligently tending to all of our animals each morning. I wouldn’t say chickens have favorite humans but then again, they never run in a pack over to anyone else the way they do to Samson when he comes into the yard. We’re so lucky to know you, Samson. Thank you for the light and love you have brought into our family since the very beginning. You are an absolute gift and we love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday, handsome mister Samson!

  1. Anne Marie

    What a sweet, handsome boy! I love how you know your kids so well and pay attention to all the details

  2. steph

    Happy Birthday to your son Samson! I’ve just read your book, I mean, listened to it in audiobook. I really liked it and also, I like your voice and tone, it was nice listening to and uplifting :) + the interview with Eleonore at the end is so cute!
    bisous from Europe!

  3. Steph

    Happy birthday to your son Samson! I’ve just finished you book. I mean I listened to the audiobook. I really enjoyed it, and I liked your voice and tone, it was uplifting, like listening to a virtual friend :) + the interview with Eleonore was so cute!!
    Bisous from Europe!

  4. Katherine

    What a sweet and loving description of your son in honour of his (and your!) special day. Happy birthday, Samson!

  5. Laura

    What a sweet guy! Happy Birthday to an amazing guy!


    I have watched you guys grow much love

  7. Samson is a special person. Happy Birthday to both of you!