the season for a sandal.

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These days, I have some fabulous tan lines on my feet marking visual proof I live in my birkenstock sandals. The tiger strip across the top of my foot (which I actually first noticed way back in early February) kinda says a lot about the year round sandal wearing I’ve been clocking in lately. My kids think the strip is hysterical. I do my best not to point out their sock strip above their sweet little ankles. Sometimes that’s a big part of motherhood ;) But it’s all good because each time I glance down at my feet with the tiger stripe, I’m reminded of a season of life where warmer temps and frequent sunshine are truly a plus.

I just ordered a second pair of my pink birkenstocks (in this fun neon green print below) since they are water friendly and I feel like my pink pair could use a day off.  While placing my order, I saw that one of my most favorite sling back sandals (number 6) are back in stock and since those were such a staple of my wardobe the last few years until my strap broke, I figured I’d round up all my faves (and a few new!) right here for you!

1- PINK TEVAS — I just bought this pink pair last month because I am a HUGE fan of tevas. It was the shoe I packed when we walked all over europe for a few weeks a few summers ago because they are really comfortable for walking long periods but also light weight and don’t feel chunky or heavy or hot.

2- GREEN WATER FRIENDLY TEVAS — Linking these water friendly tevas as well because as a mama, you must always be prepared with a water friendly shoe!

3- PINK ARIZONA EVA BIRKENSTOCKS — These are the ones I haven’t really taken off over the past several months and the ones pictured above in my top photo. Highly recommend.

4- TIE DYE ARIZONA EVA BIRKENSTOCKS — Same water friendly sandal as the pink above, but in a fun print for summer.

5- FREEDOM MOSES SLIDERS — This print! I don’t own these but I keep adding them to my shopping cart because I love the speckles.

6- LEATHER SLING BACK SANDALS — I owned and wore these into the ground over several summers walking the city and I adored them. This is the first time I’ve seen them back in stock and I’m excited to bring them back into my wardrobe because they really mold to your feet and give just enough support while also being a sandal you can dress up if need be.

7- YELLOW STRAP SANDALS — because, hi. yellow (I mean, do you know me?!) and also, target! Under $20 and a fun one for sure.

8- THE SANDAL SLIPPER — Definitely the sandal seen around the internet as of late and word is they are incredibly comfortable. I’m waiting for the light yellow color to be restocked in my size but they have tons of colors in stock right now to choose from.

9- OOFOS RECOVERY SANDAL — These just look so comfortable but also so sleek and anything with the word “recovery” in the name of a shoe is fully appreciated by this mama and her lower back pain.

10- MELISSA CLEAR JELLIES — I die over all the fun Melissa shoes my girls have worn over the years (remember these popsicle shoes?! or these ice cream cone sandals?!) and I feel like these are such a fun nod to those and the olden days of wearing jellies as a kid. The color combo is so good.

What’s your go-to summer sandal? Happy tiger strip summer to my fellow birkenstock ladies!

  1. Lauren

    Hi! Where is your dress from in the top photo? The red looks so cute!

  2. Oylum

    Definitely the water friendly Birkenstocks. After I ruined a regular pair of them.

  3. Becka Payne

    Rainbow Sandals are my go-to! Always and forever. I have quite the flip-flop tan going on already this year.

  4. Amber

    Do you wear your normal size in Birkenstocks or do you do Narrow and 1 size down?