our baby girls are THREE!

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I hope you are ready for the biggest photo dump ever, because I had to include basically all the photos from Madalena and Beatrice’s third birthday! Don’t ask a mother to narrow them down, now! It’s an impossible task.  We celebrated the big day with two pink cakes, a unicorn piñata and new bikes! Also, Nana came to visit which made the weekend extra special (since we also get to celebrate our handsome Mister Samson’s 9th birthday this weekend, too! More on that later- I’m a little behind here.)

These two girls are just the greatest. We adore them to the moon and back. I’m a little bit devastated that the toddler years are behind us – I don’t know how time moves at lightening speed when you don’t get any sleep during this stage, but somehow, it’s still the blink of an exhausted eye.  Thank you for celebrating our girls with us. I know many of you have sent such love and support from afar over the years and we have felt it.  I also want to thank everyone who has sent such gracious words and notes along since reading my Baby A and Baby B chapter from my book. I hold that story so close to my heart but believe in the power it brings when sharing, and want to thank those of you who have received it with such kindness. I see their bond at just three and know they were meant to be here, together. I don’t know why they are meant to be here together, but I feel a whole lotta gratitude for their partnership and love for each other and also for the way their relationship has taught and gifted the rest of our family tremendously in just these three short years already.

I wanted to share a few of the sentiments about both M and B that I shared on social media over the weekend…


The queen of amazing scooter tricks, with a perfected eye roll and impression of SNL’s Gilly that should have Kristen Wiig worried, Madalena — you are so much fun. I love your persistence, your strength, your desire to keep trying and going and learning until you master whatever it is before you. I could watch you shrug your shoulders and tilt that head of yours to the side as you ask, “why?” all day long. I love your innocent and curious take on the world as you keep asking “why” even after I’ve tried to answer. You fiercely love your sisters and brothers and greet them every morning as though you’ve been apart for months, and I hope that never changes. You are so intelligent and sponge up the world around you in such a special way. You are quick to help and hug and smile and I’ll never be able to properly articulate what you mean to me. Happiest third birthday, Madalena!


With wit and sass and a vocabulary that is frighteningly sharp, it’s never a boring time with you, miss Beatrice. I love the way you grab my face and plant a big and long kiss on my lips multiple times a day. My heart bursts a little each time you reach your arms high for me to pick you up and say, “I want to hold you, Mama.” I admire your passion for flossing your teeth and how you keep me in check during bedtime story reading by memorizing literally all the words on all the pages and know if I ever skip anything. I can’t get over your big imagination as you story tell around the clock or the way you say things like, “no, I don’t have brown eyes. I have fabulous eyes.” You are a quick learner and big helper with a heart that loves to give and share.  Your energy fills our home and family in the most special way. I swear we’re all better for knowing you. The love I feel for you is immeasurable. Happiest third birthday, Beatrice!

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OK- Get ready for the photos—— here we go…

  1. Chrissi

    It is just so much fun to watch these pictures. With every one of them the smile on my face got bigger. Wishing them all the best. And for you Naomi as well. Well done Mamabear.