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I don’t know if anything has ever “popped” for me the way these tiny pink flower pedals did as we drove by. Just propped so casually cool along the side of a big brown storage warehouse, they almost felt out of place making me do a double take from the passenger seat of the car as we drove by. “We have to pull over and take a picture here!”, I said to Josh who was driving. He readily pulled the car around. Over a decade of marriage to the blogger girl who DoCuMeNtS eVeRyThInG, I’m still just so thankful for the way he shows up for me and my ideas and dreams and random stops alongside warehouses.

I think we’ve both grown a lot this year in our marriage and as individuals determined to show up for ourselves and our family and support one another- but I’m really thankful for the fun. When a random impromptu moment in the warehouse parking lot together taking pictures with the pretty flowers can find us both laughing pretty hard as I almost pee my pants (after 5 million jumps for this video it was inevitable) and Josh takes art directing so very seriously it turns comedic because this isn’t a feature film even though we like to think it is! I know this last year has been stressful and difficult for each and every individual in countless differing ways, but I was reminded during this little impromptu couple of minutes in the warehouse parking lot that we still need to make room for the fun in our relationships. And in our every day tasks and routines and time together.  Scroll down for a special surprise appearance from Josh Davis himself as he posed for me trying to explain that over there was better than over here to stand for the photo. The squat is what got me. Bless him.

  The photo I mentioned above- below. You’re welcome!

PS- this outfit is from Target and I’m not saying you need it, but…. you need it. Elastic waist band skirt, with a flowy matching top… makes you feel put together but you still feel so comfortable and relaxed in it which is saying something since you’ve lived in sweatpants for the last year. I mean, I wish it was stocked in more colors so I could make it my summer uniform.

  1. Cemre

    This dress looks great on you !

    Lovely spring pictures.

  2. Ann Bush Odom

    love it! Source for sunglasses?