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Josh had sent me the text message from the other room as we both wrangled kids into separate beds an hour past bedtime. “Will you go on a lunch date with me next week?” It’s like he sensed my exhaustion, frustration, overwhelming annoyance and longing desire to escape the mayhem just two walls away. Maybe he heard it. I was kinda at my wits end. ;) Or maybe he was just channeling his own bundle of similar feelings into his device instead of angrily at his children, but I grasped onto those words for the remainder of the bedtime circus and visited them often in the days that followed. Something to look forward soon. A lunch date– because we have not yet graduated to a dinner date with someone else tending to the bedtime circus here in Arizona and because we’ve made the lunch date our thing. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, taking place sporadically every few months after we both realize (usually in the midst of an  extra fun bedtime juggle) that it’s definitely long past time.

When the lunch date day arrived, I woke up extra early to wash my hair. I put on a swipe of lipstick with a kitty heel at like eight in the morning, I was that excited. Lunch date on a Tuesday- look out! On the way, we took a couple of photos with my new Sam bag from long time blog partner, Kate Spade New York, and something about being on the cusp of a meal sans kids and just Josh and me playing around with the camera like the olden days felt extra nostalgic and special.

Do you remember the first handbag Kate Spade New York debuted in 1993? It was the simple and boxy black waterproof nylon bag named the Sam which became such an iconic staple for the brand in the decades to follow.  I love seeing the new nylon Sam collection that just launched because it holds the same timeless and chic structure of that first unexpected nylon bag from the 90’s – but with new sizes, silhouettes, colors and prints.  A bag you can dress up for that special and rare lunch date with your significant other and pull right back into your every day mothering life since it’s waterproof and lightweight. You can check out all the sizes and colors HERE.

Which print or color is your favorite? Thank you to Kate Spade New York for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Rachael Herriot

    Great looking bag. However the links won’t open.

  2. Becka Payne

    I love the green with white polka dots!! So cute!

  3. Jo Nguyen

    love your style! It’s definitely cheerful!

  4. Martha

    Can you pretty please go back to linking your outfits as well at the bottom of the post for those of use that appreciate that kind of info? TIA :)

  5. Sandra

    Looking so great I like your bag design.