a happy girl.

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This is the face of a girl who has been moving her body a lot in 2021. She’s happy.

There still isn’t an ideal time in the day. I’m still not a morning person. I still don’t drink enough water and I still come up with a lot of solid excuses to not. But the mental tricks my mind sometimes tries to play on me often disappear each time I stretch or move through a simple yoga flow. It’s like all the little stresses are removed from my headspace when I move. Because movement fills my soul and sometimes in years past, I’ve forgotten what a gift it is to have a body with feet that can point and arms that can lift and a spine that can lengthen.  So far in 2021, rediscovering the way movement feeds my soul feels like a hug. And I’m giving myself a lot of gentle hugs this year.

If you’re looking for a simple ten minute yoga flow, here is one. And here’s a solid 35 minute vinyasa flow to guide you if you’d like.

PS- here’s me dancing back in January which was the start of rekindling my intention to move my body more and set aside all the excuses I’ve made over the last bajillion years.

  1. Lizzy

    I been following you for years and am so happy for you and your family move. I did the same thing and am so glad we did to be closer to nature and god. All my best to you on your book.