a surprise for mama!

As a mother, what makes you happy?

If you were to ask me this question… well, shoot! Like, how much time do you have?! ;)

Obviously there’s the basic things– dirty clothes IN the hamper, tiny helpers IN the kitchen, kind words and affection shared between my littles and quick apologies voiced within our family unit when appropriate. My kids laughter makes me so very happy. And their quick and witty commentary about life as well as their curiosity for the world around them. I’ve also always been a big puddle of mush every single time my kids surprise me with anything they have created. Their take on personalized drawings (even scribbles?! I swear it’s Picasso level for any mother…) is my kind of love note.

I was excited when one of my all-time favorite brands, Kate Spade New York, asked to partner this season as they celebrate Mama’s everywhere in time for Mother’s Day. I was especially excited as I got to take a peek at their latest collection, filled with the absolute perfect shade of yellow! To celebrate the Mother’s Day launch, I’m excited to show you their all day canvas large tote, which is the ideal size for a mom-bag but won’t weight you down since it’s lightweight canvas that’s durable against bumps and scratches which come with mom-life. While the bag is dreamy on its own, Josh helped Beatrice and Madalena fill it with lots of little personalized surprises for me– from clay creations (googly eyes are BIG in this household currently) to portraits of them and me together (with yellow hair! hi! I am dead on the floor from this one.) I don’t know if much tops making a Mama as happy as a sweet snuggle from her little one with a homemade gift, but I’ll tell ya, paired with this tote, I felt pretty spoiled.

I know it’s only April, but Mother’s Day always sneaks up sooner than anyone anticipates since it takes place in early May, so in addition to all the homemade cards and creations that make every mother over the moon, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite gifts from Kate Spade New York, if you’re looking for a lil’ extra something for a mother that means a lot in your life.

Love this dainty bloom long brim reversible bucket hat (perfect for summer!) or this initial thermal tumblr with a straw. Also adore this raffia dot large flap crossbody (it comes in yellow!) and this iphone magnetic wrap folio case.

Below are a few fun photos our family had the best time taking together when the girls gifted me with lots of little surprises in my new Mother’s Day large tote. These girls are such hams, and there are a few silly videos on my instagram stories today if you’d like to check those out.

Thank you to Kate Spade New York for sponsoring this blog post. And let me be the first to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Their favorite thing to do right now is do a countdown and run into my arms in hopes of knocking me over! It’s a great ab workout if you lay back every time. ;)

Whenever we plop ourselves anywhere outside the chicky chicks want in on the action! Also, I spy with my little eye a very happy bunny hopping around in the back of this photo, too! Hi, Oatmeal!

The girls were so excited to share with me some creations they’d made out of clay with Papa a few days earlier for me. There was a bird and a snail and darling little turtle!

See what I mean about the yellow hair?! Cannot get over it. Like, how did she know?!

I love being their mama.

Thank you again, Kate Spade New York for sponsoring this post. And, Happy early Mother’s Day!

  1. Erika

    Is Tom still around?!

  2. Em

    Cute tote! Just joined instagram but couldn’t find your account to watch the Instagram stories.

  3. Ileana Dominguez

    What a pretty and cheerful bag, but what I am in LOVE with is the picnic mat!