day in the desert.

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I have a lot of things I want to write about today, but my head feels like a crumpled piece of paper and I’m not sure I’ll get very far articulately. There is a large part of me that wants to just hide in the back of my closet and watch Law and Order reruns until it’s dark outside again, while another part of me longs to lace up my tennis shoes and attempt my first run since this time last year. Who am I?! Which one is it?! …Both?! Wild. I have no idea what is going on.

We have a renovation that is killing me slowly by presenting itself in sloth speed each and everyday. It sounds so very dramatic but honestly, it kind of is? Or maybe it’s just me. Like I said above, I have no idea what is going on.  I’m sure someday I’ll be up for sharing more about it, but right now I just feel like this home is kicking me while I’m down so maybe another day.

You know what I do have though? Some pictures. From an afternoon in the desert a few weeks ago with my littles and my love and I’m going to just leave them here in a big pile.  I loved this day and I love the memories that surface as I look at the images below.  My older children are coming up on ages where I realize their need for me and my love is more critical than all those early years combined. The thought alone feels daunting enough. I’m completely terrified, to be candid.  But I’m thankful for a Father in heaven to lean on as I do my best to give that love while playing a tiny role in guiding their bright and beautiful spirits. For now, I’ll hold firm to the idea that even when I’m scared I have no idea what is going on (and feel rather unequipped),  each and every one of my children cast a glorious warmth in my direction. How lucky we are to be in a season where they teach us so much while we play the role of teacher.

I’m sitting still and counting to ten and hoping to muster up a bit of confidence for this Monday and week ahead. I am sending you love and a virtual hug and someone with a working oven, please go enjoy yourself some homemade brownies for me.  :)

  1. Marina

    Love the patches on Beatrice’s jeans (I think I can tell them apart?)! The desert is so beautiful- tough to take a bad picture. Love the pileup also.

    • naomi

      Yes, that is Beatrice! Those jeans (Bobo Choses) were Eleanor’s once upon a time so it’s fun to see her rocking them all these years later!

  2. Michelle

    Good luck! Renovations are the stuff memories are made of!! In 15 years the kids will have hysterical stories!

  3. Sabrina

    Sometimes, God puts us on a path we wouldn’t have chosen for reasons we just don’t know yet. Hang in there!

  4. tiffany

    would love for you to do a post about what its like living in Arizona – things you are loving, things that are a huge adjustment. what you wish you would have known about life in arizona beforehand.. please please!!

    • naomi

      Great idea. I feel like we’re still hovering over our new life here with so much still on pause for us, that we haven’t experienced much just yet beyond our home life, which we really love.

  5. Tiffany

    Beautiful pictures! We are actually going to Arizona in a few weeks. There is something so breathtaking about the landscape.

    • naomi

      I hope you love it! I can’t get over the beauty here just from the landscape alone! Have a great trip!

  6. Nikki

    I’m really happy to hear your story you spent with your children in the desert. It will help me to handle my child when I will be in the situation. You shared an amazing one that how to handle children in the situation.

  7. Ana

    I still can’t believe Eleanor is not a baby anymore. Beautiful family.

  8. Anna

    I’m laughing in solidarity because my go-to overwhelmed state is some law and order reruns! I hear you, girl! Keep your chin up, your focus is in the right space. My favorite encouragement is a moment in time where a dear soul said “in the hardest spaces, we have an opportunity to see ourselves on the precipice of a miracle.” Would our Father above bless and keep you and your precious family as you journey these tough seasons! ❤️❤️

    • naomi

      Thank you for these words, Anna. Appreciate that thought so much and need to write that down and hang it on my bathroom mirror! Also, Law and Order reruns forever and ever.

  9. Léa

    Beautiful pictures ! Can you tell me what camera did you use please ?
    Thank you

    • naomi

      Thank you Léa! We used our Canon 5D with a 24-70mm lens on this day.

  10. Elie

    Lovely family and beautiful adventure. The morale of your story is everything. Thank you for sharing. I do share post like this along with tips and tricks of parenting on my blog called Curiousbill Gentlebull and its just awesome to be a part of the parenting community!

  11. Keresa

    Absolutely captivating!