come hang out with me on Monday!

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Hi! I wanted to share a fun event with you that’s coming up for my book, A Coat of Yellow Paint!  This Monday, March 22nd at 12PM eastern time, I’ll be going live on TalkShopLive to chat with you all about my book! If you’d like to follow my channel over there, you can get notified once I got live.  You can also purchase an autographed copy of my book right now on TalkShopLive! I hope you’ll come hang out with me Monday over there. You’ll be able to ask me any book related questions during the live event, too!

Also, can we have a minute for this incredible art work by Love, Alice?! It made my day when she shared this with me and I had to share it with all of you, too.

Wishing you a happy weekend with maybe some tacos and definitely a nap. I mean, those things aren’t top of my list or anything…  ;)

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