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Just a couple of cool kids that keep me young while also aging me three times as fast in the process. These kids have found their stride in witty commentary, with Madalena often showing up in the kitchen first thing in the morning with her messy bed hair and a little hip pop with arms extended as she shouts, “SUUUURRRRRPRIIIISEEEE!” The boys drop everything to rush over and hug her. I love how a few hours apart by way of night feels likes we’ve all been apart for months most mornings. I hope they never grow out of the estatic gasps and heartfelt hugs they often share upon seeing one another as the sun rises.

Beatrice exclaimed from her car seat the other day, “Mama, I need to go home. I gotta floss.” And I had to do a double take in my rear view mirror because who is this grown up two year old that has a new found interest in independently keeping those tiny tusks clean?! She also said the other day as I tried to get her onto the toilet, “but I peed on Monday! I pee on Mondays, Mom!” I wish I had that kind of confidence in bladder.

It’s nothing new to anyone who is a parent. You blink and they’ve outgrown the crib. You can’t scoop them up and carry them in one arm as easily. They have first words and then full blown sentences and then they’re ten freaking years old and say things like, “Mama, would you like to chit chat and have an engaging conversation?!”  They start loosing teeth and then their adult ones show up and braces happen and you’re looking at your babies who aren’t babies and you always knew it’d move this quickly but you still weren’t really ready. It’s like a gut punch somedays. Realizing the years are numbered and those mornings of announcing oneself with big exclamations of “SUUURRRPRRRIIIISEEEE!” or hearing clever phrases vocalized from the carseat in the back are just a season. Each season proving to be as beautiful as the last, but still. A lot to move through and say goodbye to when you wouldn’t mind living within it forever and ever until time stops.

There are days I’m hiding from all five and crying alone in my bathroom. There are days I can’t kiss their freckled cheeks enough and I cry all over again because I love them so hard it hurts. And I know you know and appreciate and acknowledge and hold onto it, too. I don’t have to remind you. I guess I’m just feeling sentimental today as all five feel so much bigger and wiser and older in all the ways and processing that five times over is a lot somedays. Thankful for these cool kids keeping me young and aging me three times as fast in the process. It’s worth it, and I love me my cool kids. :)

  1. Megan

    I love this! I definitely go from hiding in my room from my toddlers to wanting to wake them up at night just to hold them! Motherhood is so crazy 😝

  2. Chelsea

    It’s people like you who have helped me slow down and really enjoy every day. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Ashley

    Naomi, this post really speaks to home for me. I became a first-time mama at the end of January. I’ve been following you since before Elenor’s birth, and you are someone I look up to. Continue keeping it real about all things.

  4. Zainab

    Exactly! I am from Bahrain and I feel your
    Words are describing my motherhood! I am
    Trying to involved with my children in their
    Different stages and yes sometimes I feel same
    Emotions as you wrote!
    God bless you and your family ♥️

  5. Heather

    Can you share your outfit details?

  6. Linda

    Big families are hectic. I have 3 and there were years when it felt like it would be like that forever. Now that I’m nearing the last quarter cycle (17, 16, 13) I recognise that they were all passing seasons. Motherhood is just weird 😋 but also, amazing 💕

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