pantone of 2021: what’s up yellow!

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So, something exciting was announced at the end of last year (and considering I am a sucker for all things yellow and even titled my book, A Coat of Yellow Paint, can you guess what I’m getting at?!) Pantone announced two colors for 2021 and one of them is a glorious bright yellow. It feels like a great sign of things to come, and as I have been scouting the internet for light fixtures, paint swatches, appliances and some decor items for our new space,  I have a feeling you might just see a whole lotta yellow gracing this space.  I was deep into an etsy search the other evening for yellow sconces and thought it’d be fun to take it back to the olden days of blog land when we’d collage some of our favorite things together and share. (those vintage pepsi crates just arrived for our kitchen and I am dying I love them so much!)

Yellow has always signified something of a happy warmth in my book. For me, it brings a sense of hope and love because it just feels so darn happy.  So many of my favorite things share the bright shade. Think sunshine, lemonade, butter (I mean, hello!), sunflowers and sparklers glowing during celebratory songs and cheers. And we can’t forget Nora Ephron’s “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils”! Yellow. It’s a good one.

Pretty sure my version of a classic timeless neutral is some sort of yellow.  Good things to come, friends! We have a color of the year that looks a lot like open arms waiting for a warm embrace. I’m ready.

PS- am I so obnoxious for including my own book in this little yellow collage I made?! Maybe you don’t need to answer that. It just fit so well and I am hopeful the words inside the cover can also bring a little warmth or love your way so hey hi how are ya, it’s smack dab in the middle right there. ;)



a yellow DRESS that is under $20 bucks!

my book, A COAT OF YELLOW PAINT (eek! thank you for allowing me this moment to include!)

kitchen CONTAINERS with the happiest lids

handmades beeswax CANDLES

a VINTAGE ROBOT (we have one in our living room)

the cutest SHOES i wish had someplace to wear them to

yellow PLANTERS with faces on the fronts

a PEPSI-COLA vintage crate (i know i’m a coca-cola girl at heart, but i still bought three of these for our kitchen)

a TYPEWRITER that just screams the sentence “I’m adorable.”

link to anything yellow you love in the comments!


PS- the dress i’m wearing in the photo above is linked HERE. 

  1. Paige

    Hi hi! I’m in the middle of a renovation too, so lots of hours have been spent on lighting deep dives. Dutton Brown has cute fixtures in a rainbow of colors – including yellow! All the luck with the rest of your project. Can’t wait to see your cheery space.

  2. Alisha

    What a fun Pantone color!
    So very you! I cannot wait to get your book which I preordered. I might also need those Pepsi crates even though I’m a Dr Pepper kinda gal.

  3. Jasmin

    This is a really creative way to things in yellow. Really fun Pantone color. I got a unique idea related to yellow. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.