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If you would have told me this time last year that this time next year, I’d be living in Arizona and renovating an old ranch style home with 18 chickens and a cow and a couple of bunnies and a whole lotta citrus trees,  I would have said, “Never. Not in a million years!” But one of the great lessons 2020 taught me was, never say never. The year brought many reminders my way that sometimes it’s good to put the breaks on all of your meticulous and detailed year by year plans and instead, lean into your life, wherever it’s taking you. It’s impossible to know how temporary or permanent this next chapter here may be, but I’m a big believer in embracing whatever experience you’re experiencing, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much this new chapter, while never in my “plan”, has brought such a calming peace and sense of grounding to our family. I’ll be the first to admit that renovating a home is very very very low on my list of things I’d ever like to do again (it takes a much braver and more chill soul than I), but I’m thankful for a new challenge, and for an opportunity to bring a whole new cluster of wallpaper samples into our new space. It’s a shame Josh Davis doesn’t like wallpaper, because there’s about to be quite a lot of it here in Arizona (it’s okay, he’s been making the call on plenty of other renovation things, and I feel like we balance each other out nicely with our choices.)

The top photo is a photo of Madalena and Beatrice’s old bedroom in our last apartment in New York City. You can see the entire room tour HERE. I am doing another wallpaper for their bedroom here in Arizona (it just arrived a few weeks ago and I am painting their walls this coming weekend so I can hang it shortly after.) As I talked about “leaning in” above, I’m working to do the same here. These two are obsessed with all things pink and if it’d been a few years ago, I’d have fought bringing that color into their room as the main staple so hard. But instead I’m embracing the color and doing pink walls with an accent wall with this heron wallpaper print (more on it below). They talk about their “very own birds in my room!” a lot since it arrived (the wallpaper has beautiful birds throughout), and I need to get a move on it so it can come together and be completed.  When it comes to design choices with kiddos (or clothing choices or anything!) I believe it’s all about finding the right sort of middle ground where they’ll love it and I’ll also love it. ;) Cross your fingers I line up those bird panels well enough since this is my first time attempting wallpaper panels that portray an exact visual and not some random pattern that can be mismatched.

Besides the girls room, I have plans to wallpaper the front wall when you walk into the home, plus an area in the hallway and also our laundry room. I haven’t decided on these just yet since we’re still finalizing colors for each of these spaces, but I am most definitely bringing in a citrus theme as a nod to our trees. There are so many solid citrus wallpapers out there too, and who doesn’t love the colors of grapefruits and oranges and peaches and lemons?! Does anyone wanna guess the color of the range for our kitchen?! Hint: it’s definitely a color.


millions of peaches wallpaper

(this is a good one!)


vintage dark herbs wallpaper

(this one is moody in all the happy ways. I really want to find a wall for it.)


a floral wallpaper

(considering this for our entry wall. I know it might feel too busy but that’s never stopped me before.)


more citrus! white citrus wallpaper and also the pink citrus wallpaper.

also very into this fern wallpaper that would be great in a powder room or bathroom.


This is the pink heron wallpaper I’m hanging in the girls room! It’s a beautiful dupe of that Gucci wallpaper a few years back that I have pinned too many times.

I. Cannot. Wait.


I also really loved this blue wallpaper in the same theme.


Also really loved this playful monkey wallpaper that I debated using in their room over the heron wallpaper.



And I don’t have any babies on the horizon (HA!) but I had to share this darling nursery print wallpaper that made me gasp out loud.
Someone expecting please use this and send me a photo so I can live vicariously through you for a few minutes. :)


Speaking of wallpaper for littles, this space themed wallpaper is such a fun take on something we did in the big kids room last year.

My big kids are still sharing a room (I’m a big believer in that, even outside of our NYC apartment all my kids are sharing!) but we left the space theme behind for now and did something else for their new room.


and how fun would this world map wallpaper mural be in a playroom? Someone without textured walls please do this for me.


  1. Sarah

    Cute! I love your love of color and pattern. Lulu and Georgia has a pretty stellar citrus print on their site too.

  2. Eva

    I just wallpapered with a similar heron pattern and I’m obsessed. You are going to LOVE it!

  3. Laura G.

    Oh I love the moody dark ones! I’m having a hard time committing to any particular wallpaper because I change my mind so much! I may need to plunge and do the dark moody in a powder bath to start! Thanks for sharing!❤️

  4. Lisa

    I don’t normally leave comments, but I thought I would peek out for a second and say hello! I live in Colorado and am a mom of two (with hopes for a few more), and your blog and beautiful family always brighten my day. And for what it’s worth, I think your move to AZ is such a great adventure and makes your content even more relatable. Anyway, we just bought a house and want to wallpaper a bunch of rooms, and there are so many great patterns out there right now. These are our plans (but we have babies and it’s a project, so it’s taking us a while). Tigers in the downstairs bath (, chameleons in the kids’ bath (, pyramids in the guest room (, and one of these two jungle prints in the kids’ room ( or That nursery print you featured is darling though! I’m keeping that in my back pocket. And maybe I should note that I don’t have a blog and am not in design; I’m just posting my favs for fun.

  5. Elaine Estevez

    I was actually doing the same thing last Looking for wallpaper for my daughter & sons room!! I was overwhelmed with so many beauties on Etsy. Love the peach one you posted. Once you start looking u want to wallpaper the whole house hehehe!

  6. Lindsey

    We currently rent but I’ve fallen in love with wall paper reading your posts and following you on instagram. I cannot wait to be able to add some boldness to my home.

  7. hadassah

    loveeee all the cute wallpapers! the peach one is just the cutest. <3

  8. Lovely wallpapers. Lemons are awesome!
    In fact, anythings looks better with live plants, especially this juicy collection.

  9. Harriet

    I like the idea of a world map wall, but that particular example has not only a Mercator projection, but one that looks even more exaggerated than usual. The real size of Greenland is smaller than Mexico, LOL.

    I love that you aren’t afraid of bold designs, and have the energy to make them happen!

  10. Amy

    We have this Target Opalhouse peel and stick in our stairwell:
    And this RoomMates peel and stick in navy in our kids’ sleeping room:

    So yes! All the wallpaper! Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try to apply traditional wallpaper.

  11. edie

    I’m so curious what’s going on with your NYC apartment! It’s truly none of my business, but if you’re willing to discuss……are you subleasing? do you still pay rent it? is it difficult emotionally knowing it’s there and not occupied by family?

  12. Marie

    I just found a fabulous dog wallpaper for my laundry room & would love to do more wallpaper in the home. I have had an extremely difficult time finding someone to put it up. Do you know how to put your own up? Does anyone have any ideas? It is not a peel & stick. I am in a pretty big city, but surprised with the lack of people to do it. Thanks!

  13. Is it ok that I want to buy myself all these wallpapers? what are they cool! But these peaches, how tender and springy they are! But of course the coolest are the last ones, besides the fact that they look just divinely cute, they are also so educational for children) my children ask them to make repairs in the room and I think that now I will definitely make their walls as cool) although maybe not only their walls) I already looked after the wallpaper in my bedroom) why didn’t I pay attention to prints before?)

  14. Those are cranes not herons on the wallpaper. Guessing the maker of the wallpaper misidentified the birds. You’ll likely have Sandhill cranes where you live in AZ at certain times of the year and if you see them if will be like seeing a living version of your wall paper!