can i read my book to you?

Last month, I had the pleasure of pinching myself approximately 73 times (okay maybe just twice) inside a recording studio as I read my book, A Coat of Yellow Paint, outloud from start to finish for the audio recording you can find on Audible.
It was nerve wracking and thrilling and draining and therapeutic and exciting all at once. I cried enough in that sound booth while reading to cover my quota of tears for February but I did my best to hold it together as I read (though I did cry my way through a couple of paragraphs in the middle there…)
I’m not sure how you prefer your books (physically holding a copy in your hands or maybe with the author narrating it in your ear?) but either way, I’m the freaking worst at marketing this thing and have sweaty palms just thinking of typing out the phrase, “would you please consider preordering my book?” But I’m also practicing courage over here so I’m going to type out the phrase without sinking into my chair. *Straightens her posture and clears throat*–   Would you please consider pre ordering my book?
And if you have already preordered (the hardcopy or audio version!), THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m not sure I’ll ever be articulate enough at saying what that means to me.   I might be biased but I am so proud of each and every word shared through these pages and I am hopeful it will be worth your while. I share a lot of stories within the chapters (stories I haven’t yet shared publicly) that are very dear to my heart but I know have the ability to resonate and help others as you embrace each season of your life with confidence and love.
*Straightens posture and clears throat one last time* — You can preorder the audible version of my book HERE. Or the physical hard copy right HERE.
Thank you thank you thank you! Happy listening!
PS- I chatted with my publisher at HarperCollins about my book on an Instagram Live! If you’d like to watch the video of our conversation, it’s saved for you HERE.
  1. Erin

    Will the audio version be available for libraries to purchase? I often listen to audiobooks through my local libraries eaudiobook app. Thanks! I’m excited to read it.

    • naomi

      That’s a great question, I’m not sure. I know you can request it through your local library so hopefully you can request the audio version as well!

  2. Amy G

    Just preordered the audio book! Can’t wait to listen to this during midnight feedings with my new baby!

    • naomi

      I’ll never forget the late night listens while feeding babies! Thank you for choosing my book to keep you company at 2am. Means so much! Congrats on your new little one!

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations!! I just requested that my local library order it. :)

    • naomi

      Yay! Thank you, Lisa!