My book, A Coat of Yellow Paint!

My book! I wrote a book! And it’s available for preorder TODAY! A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving Through the Noise to Love the Life You Live is something I have poured my heart into over the past few years, and I can hardly believe I finally get to share it with the world when it publishes April 6.

A Coat of Yellow Paint is a collection of intimate essays I’ve never shared before, about life experiences and lessons I’ve learned as I’ve moved through the noise of my own life—whether from family, friends, social media, or even my own headspace—and gained confidence and love for myself in the process.

So many of you have been with me since I started blogging in 2007—from graduating college and those newlywed years to becoming a mom for the first time and then five times over . . . as I dyed my hair all the colors and painted my piano yellow . . . as I’ve tried my best to navigate the ups and downs that come with being an imperfect human being. You’ve been with me as I’ve grown up, and it’s been my honor to share bits and pieces of my heart with you and build a beautiful community together in this online space.

In recent years, I’ve felt a strong pull to share my story with those who are learning to drown out the noise of others’ opinions and expectations. My hope is that A Coat of Yellow Paint will help readers find simple joys in the everyday and love the life they live, and empower them to shape a life that’s as unique and special as they are.

I’m so thrilled for the opportunity to share my heart in this way. You can read more about the book RIGHT HERE and preorder your copy now (sharing several book vendors at the bottom of this page.)

  1. Elaine

    This is so great! I am excited to read it and so proud of you for writing… I admire you for expressing your deep and personal feelings, not just on your social media but now in a book that I will certainly look forward to reading. Congratulations! You are amazing with five little ones and a move to a totally different locale and now a real live book!

  2. Emily Weaver

    Congratulations!! So very excited to read

  3. McKinlay Otterson

    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this and I am SO excited. I am ordering it RIGHT now. Thank you beautiful Naomi for living a beautifully yellow life 💛

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