What are your favorite non-gift-gifts?🎁

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What are your favorite gifts that are more like non-gifts but feel like the best kind of gifts? 🎁

Josh and I spent a good while the other night going through our Christmas game plan before any last minute shipping windows close soon. I felt frazzled trying to remember what I’ve already ordered, where anything even is that’s arrived (hey renovation!), and also just that mom weight on my shoulders of wanting to give my kids the freaking world but also stay within a budget but also it’s Christmas but also not spoil them.

Our family has often tried to prioritize experiences, adventures and time together over tangible things that don’t last as long, and when I sit down and actually think about the gifts that have meant the most to me over the years, time set aside with my people doing something together, or an act of service presented by a loved one, always takes the cake.

A few of my favorites that would make a great gift//

—One on one dates with my kids.
—Cooking something together in the kitchen, just us, after the house is asleep and everything is quiet.
—A mini dance party, where everyone gets to DJ one song.
—A game night.
—A baking session.
—Writing song lyrics with my kids (or rewriting Hamilton lyrics to fit our current situation).
—Trying a new food together (have napkins and bucket nearby lol).
—An at-home movie night with homemade popcorn. (Even better, bust out the oldie videos of the family, like births and first Christmases).
—A family bike ride or a bike ride just us.
—Attending a service project together.
—Hosting a tea party, stuffed animals invited.
—A handwritten letter received in the mail, just because.

If you’re looking for any last minute ideas, homemade gift certificates for some of the experiences shared above might just do it!

Merry Christmas!🎄