TODDLER and BIG KID GIFT GUIDE: a few of our favorite toys and things!

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I swear all I did was blink and while doing so, went from eating my stash of Almond Joys and 100Grand candy bars I snuck from my kiddos Halloween candy stash to reading emails blasted to my inbox last night saying “LAST DATE TO ORDER FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS FAST APPROACHING!” It all just happened so fast.

And I’m not complaining, because I am SO FREAKING HAPPY that the Christmas season is here. I just wish it didn’t fly by at lightening speed like it tends to. This year more than any other, I’d like to draw out the Christmas cheer as long as possible. Will probably still be burning my apple-cinnamon-joy scented candle in February and be camped out under the Christmas tree lights before bed each night.

Christmas would not be complete without a heck of a lot of gift guides flooding the internet, and while it’s not the meaning of Christmas in the least, I do love finding those special toys and gifts for my people that become major staples in their every day for years to come. I kept my guides simple this year, and rounded up just a few of my kiddos absolute favorite things that I am often asked about the most on social media. From the micro scooter to the petite chef knife to the new zipline, these are our staples and I hope they might be helpful for anyone looking last minute for a few good ideas for toddlers or kids!


POM POM TUTU SKIRT// i kept eleanor’s pom pom tutu skirt from years ago and beatrice currently sleeps/eats/lives in it. the meshing is coming undone a bit from all the love, so i found THESE handmade skirts on Etsy and just ordered a new one for both her and madalena. they come in several colors and i read on her site that you can remove the pom poms before washing, which i think will help it last much longer than our first pom pom tutu skirt.

MAGNA TILES// the twins are majorly obsessed with building castles with our magna tile collection but just so you know, so is the rest of our family, too. my three older kids STILL find their way to these fun building blocks frequently and honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do with the girls. we’ve had our collection for several years now and they are still like new!

FELT PLAY FOOD and FELT FRUIT// our kids love to play pretend everything! currently, my girls are very into playing anything kitchen related so we are adding to our felt food collection with these fun finds. i love them because they aren’t plastic, and look and feel so soft and real.

PRETEND PLAY KITCHEN// this is something i have always wanted for our kiddos, but our city apartment spaces just didn’t allow for it. i definitely don’t think you need this kind of set up to encourage pretend-play, our older kids played kitchen just fine without something like this, but this one is currently for sale at such a big discount and i feel like such a softy this year, i couldn’t help it. also,  i’m really hoping this set up might buy me some extra minutes each day to get all the things accomplished and lessen the amount of screen-time that often happens these days in lieu of a babysitter. #2020

GIRRAFES CANT DANCE// i wanna link allllllllll the books but i kept it simple with just one. this is my favorite toddler book right now and both M and B request it daily. the messaging and rhythm and imagery is so good. it’s a fun one for sure.

MICRO MINI SCOOTER// we might be the most obsessed family in the entire world with micro kickboard, but they just don’t come better. this scooter can grow with your child with the adjustable handlebar so it works from when they are first learning to walk up through maybe four or five years old. all seven of us own our own scooter and we scoot a lot around the neighborhood. the girls like to park their scooters by their little beds and often scoot to the bathroom or playroom. if you’re looking for one solid gift for a toddler this year, this is the one. hands down. it’s the one.




DRAGON MASTER BOOK SERIES// so this collection is one that all three of my older kiddos have read and loved. level wise, it’s ideal for around 1st-2nd grade, but samson recently re-read them again because he liked them so much. i know sometimes kids don’t want books for christmas, but we really believe in gifting something to read in addition to whatever it is they really want and this is a great series for elementary school aged kids, both boys and girls!

CLASSIC LEGOS// we are the biggest lego loving family ever and my kids have spent hours each day creating so many amazing things with their lego collection. i’m often blown away by what little minds can dream up and create when it comes to legos and the wanna-be architect in me also likes to join them on occasion and leave this wild world and just build. for me, sitting on the floor with some legos is sometimes as soothing as a hot bath?! what is happening! i don’t even know anymore.

PETITE CHEF KNIFE// i included this here because i am constantly asked about the knife the kids use in the kitchen with us and wanted to make sure the link is up again for you! we are big believers in getting the kids into the kitchen beside you to cook and bake and help, whatever the age and this tool helps them do kitchen cutting and chopping safely. as most kids around this age, my kids like doing things by themselves without help, and while i’m all for that, i also have mini panic attacks way too many times each day as i try to be chill and like, be cool. this helps. it’s a staple in our kitchen every single day.

ZIPLINE// we recently put this up in our backyard and someone is always on it. sadly, it doesn’t hold me (i tried) but i still like it for the kids.

ICE CREAM BALL MAKER// we got this last summer for a camping trip and have made ice cream inside it several times since here at home. it’s a ball you kick around after adding your ingredients inside and within 20 minutes, you have some solid delicious ice cream! HERE is an old post from an ice cream making day last summer.

SHARK WATERPROOF BLUE AND GREY WATCH//  i’m asked often about the watches our kids wear, and these are them!

Merry Christmas!

  1. Sophie

    Thank you 🙏🏻. Helped me who has no kids buy gifts for my gf’s kids

  2. We’ve gone for a play kitchen too, and I can’t wait to see my little boy play with it – our neighbour has one and every time we’ve been over (COVID permitting!) it’s the first thing he’s played with. I’ve also picked up a little toddler shopping trolley so he can do a pretend shop before making us all a pretend meal, haha. I don’t know who will enjoy that one more, him or me. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, I hope it’s a great one xx