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It’s wild to believe we’re nine days into December and 2020 is coming to a close! I know this year has thrown off everyone’s plans in one way or another as our interactions and daily activities and even living situations have shifted dramatically. As so many are experiencing heartache first hand through loss and sickness and personal struggles, I think one of the best ways to close out the year is to look outside our selves and serve someone else. Before the pandemic hit, our family had been working closely with the Food Bank for New York City as I’d recently activated Families for Food Bank with Lauren Bush Lauren where we created a program geared towards families so elementary aged kiddos and older were able to volunteer along side their parents at various locations throughout the city. The new initiative was just getting off the ground a few months in before we had to pause our efforts. As the holidays have arrived, I am especially missing that physical interaction of being beside other volunteers with my little ones where we all really feel that spirit of Christmas as we work together. The Food Bank for New York City and so many other organizations like theirs might not be able to physically host volunteers this season, but now more than ever, they still need our help.

On #GivingTuesday, I shared in my weekly newsletter a few organizations our family has given to this season that are doing great work below.  I wanted to also share them here in this space for those who may not be subscribed to my newsletter.  I would love to hear of any other organization and charities in the comments if you’d like to alert us and others to check out. I have a firm belief that even in a trying year like 2020 where it often felt like everything sucked, we can still find ways to make it better, together.

Save the Children
The world’s leading experts on childhood, they believe that every child deserves a future.

International Rescue Committee 
The IRC puts in place high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis. They use their learning and experience to shape humanitarian policy and practice in ways that improve the lives of more people worldwide.

Feeding America 
The Feeding America network provides over 4.3 billion meals annually, helping 1 in 7 Americans facing hunger live more secure and stable lives.

  1. Antonina

    This is such a great tradition for your kiddos. Way to go, mama! You’re doing a great job. :)

  2. Rebekah

    Thanks for posting this! I have subscribed to your newsletter through the blog here, but have never received it. I’ll have to check my spam folder I guess because when I typed my email address in on the blog it confirmed that I was already subscribed. Who knows?!

  3. Joanna

    Some places we give: UNICEF https://www.unicef.org/, our local women and children’s shelters, and our local foodbank.

  4. KS

    Hi! I wanted to recommend one additional organization, since you asked. Uplift Center for Grieving Children is a nonprofit that provides free grief support to children who have experienced a significant death(s). In a year so impacted by loss and death, this is a great place to highlight! http://www.upliftphilly.org. Thank you!!