life lately, according to my camera roll.

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so many photos. all from the phone camera and all holding special moments, i could blow them up gigantic and frame them everywhere, it doesn’t matter that the big camera never left the shelf the last several weeks. i’ve said it from the get go, but it doesn’t matter the camera. you don’t need the hottest lens or the most expensive camera body to document.  and i’m learning it doesn’t matter the backdrop either (see THIS POST to know what i’m getting at.) just document the special life you are living, even in the midst of an uncertain time when we might feel like the world is crumbling a little bit and we’re all a little bit bonkers. find the beauty, be the good, hug your littles, and make the memories, still.

ps- favorite pic of the batch has to be josh davis doing our yard irrigation in his tie. i didn’t even know what irrigation was until a few months ago and i probably won’t even explain it right, but it’s part of our routine now (usually at 2AM. BLESS!) as is tracking mud through the home by way of tiny foot prints thanks to said irrigation over the following few days. :)

happy october!

  1. Jill

    Her bangs! I die! So cute. Your yard looks like a dreamy place for your littles!

  2. Brandy R.

    Rudy’s cream corn though. Right? I’m happy to see you guys look to be finding some footing through all of this. Hang in there!

  3. Mindy

    I’m so, so curious about the hay! Love seeing your family thrive in the country. We’re moving out of our small town to a country house and my husband is so nervous about it. He’s already missing his daily walks to grab treats downtown.

  4. Reba

    Such fun pictures. I want to know more about that VW! We bought a vintage VW bus this summer. Partially because we just wanted one, but partially to have a mobile dining room for takeout during the pandemic. I hope yours stays running for a long time to come!

  5. Christine

    «find the beauty, be the good, hug your littles, and make the memories, still.» I love this SO much! Beautiful. Needed to hear this right now. Life is so scary and chaotic right now. But this is the only time my baby will be a baby and my kid will be three years old and I will see them form this beautiful sibling relationship. Right now. Even though there is so much unsertany, there is also our life happening right now :) thank you for the reminder Naomi!

  6. Shelley

    Lovely to see your family enjoying the garden and all it has to offer. Life is looking good. The cactus photo is a stunner.

  7. M. Zarr

    Climbing over a pool fence can be deadly and should not be encouraged.

  8. Jen d

    I love your new backdrops! They are real life and I love the natural photos. It’s one of my favorite things about you. Thank you for sharing real life with the world.

    PS….the big camera pics are gorgeous too, but as a mom of littles, those awesome moments with kids can be captured anywhere, anytime and the background just doesn’t matter. 😘❤️

  9. Aran

    I’d be lying if I told you I don’t love these albums posts. There’s something so authentic on our non-curated camera rolls. Rough, real.

    Keep it real Xx

  10. These are such sweet photos! I am so glad to see your family thriving in your new home.

    I will say I was especially happy to see you all indulging in some in n out! I am a native west coaster but we lived on the east coast for the past three years and we were SO SAD we did not have our beloved in n out! :)

  11. The twins scooting across the road – the best!

  12. Joanie LeBlanc

    Do you live in Agritopia in Gilbert? Looks like it. Beautiful!

  13. Aww!! These are such cute pictures! It makes me miss Arizona!!! Where is your cute peach maxi dress from?? It’s so beautiful! I love that you are documenting your family life in such a beautiful way.

  14. Liz

    Eleanor is so big now! And totally your mini me.

    Just had to share this dress with you as I sit here online shopping. I know pink and red is your fave combo :) S and M sold out right now though :(

    Can’t wait to see more home reno updates!

  15. You make the five-child-family life look so appealing… Please stop before I end up with three more of my own 😂