holding to be held.

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just logging in with so much to say but also very tired eyes (which means all the words may have to wait). i hope you’re doing alright and have had good moments in your week that surely had rocky parts, too.

there is this little thing miss beatrice often does where she reaches her arms up for me and says, “mama, i want to hold you…” meaning she wants to be picked up, and be held. but to her, she isn’t being held.  she’s holding me. i am the one being held by her. as she’s tucked on my side hip and patting my back, as she snuggles into my shoulder and rests her head on my chest. she really is holding me in countless ways, and this week, during my rockier moments, i appreciated being held as i held my tiny two-year-old.

i hope you can find someone this week to hold and, in return, hold you. be it a physical hug or hold or through the digital gift of facetime and text. and in the meantime, if you wanna scroll through a whole lotta photos from a sunset drive josh and i took a few weeks back where we pulled the car over and he stepped behind the camera once again like the olden days and we laughed pretty hard as he said things like, “naomi, this feels very free people circa 2015…” and “it’s like we have the old holga camera!”….then you’re in luck below. :)

WEARING: only the best color combo known to human kind– pink and red! linking the blouse HERE for those interested.


  1. Jamie Shawyer

    It is so wonderful to see photos of you on your own! Doesn’t happen often to us mamas! x

  2. Rachel

    Please endorse a candidate for president and spread voting information. To your followers!

  3. S

    I love this. Beatrice speaks truth.

  4. lety

    hi there , i’ve missed following you just because no reason , but what or where did i miss out about where your heading saw new home with chickens and new coop with new light … have you moved away from New York
    just wondering what did i miss

  5. Teresita

    I have adored you for so many years. You have definitely been my biggest inspiration during my motherhood journey ♥️🧡💖

  6. Rebecca Muanes

    The top is gourgeous! Is’s from a Brazilian brand, from my hometown: Rio de Janeiro!

  7. Nichole

    So happy for you and your family! You’ve been through a lot, we all have, but you have very publicly. Enjoy Arizona! It’s my home (now in England missing the sunshine)! I am from Phoenix. If you’re there I’d DEFINITELY hit up Luci’s at the Orchard!

  8. Claudia

    awww this was exactly what I need! Wisdom from 2-year olds always warm my heart. Precious in these times.
    Thanks for Sharing!!

  9. Rachel

    Have missed y’all during the summer! And have enjoyed seeing you back! Hope all is well in Arizona :)

  10. Hillary

    So very beautiful💛
    I DM/emailed you guys a little illustration I did of your family, I hope it finds you!! I drew you in this shirt because it really is so good. Hope you guys are finding joy, you deserve it💛

  11. The light is amazing! I wish we had such nice light during our photoshoots..