a farewell to summer…

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a farewell to summer…

…that brought our family

bunnies and one day old chicks
a new zip code and a three hour time change
our first home purchase (+ a floor pooled with water in the laundry room on day two in the new house because #welcome-to-home-owning, the walls laughed)
a lot of therapeutic tears and hard conversations
“pokies” in the bottoms of our shoes from adventures in the desert
color swatches and personal thrill at painting my first front door any color i fancy
story pirates- keeping us on the edge of our buckled seats in car rides both long and short
a graduation from stroller napping
our first monsoon
a coconut creme obsession
soccer shoes with cleats hidden underneath
drawn up dreams on tracing papers with a home renovation slowly taking shape
the very best taylor swift album
freckles and tan lines and sun hats (and 110+ degree temps each day for 50 days)
a deeper love and appreciation for dear friends, family and loved ones we don’t get to see, hug and hold as often
the promise of a gentler winter
a determination to refocus ourselves on the good, and make the best of a new chapter we’d never anticipated writing

and things to look forward to in the near future –

a front stoop for carved pumpkins
fresh eggs from the coop out back
a roof strung with twinkling christmas lights soon enough
and a new mailbox out front for eleanor to paint spaceships and daisies on

welcome, september!

  1. Rebecca

    This is gorgeous! I get so much joy from following you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us x

  2. Sophie

    I love your musings! Is your book on the way?

  3. Kate

    Yay! Talk about a summer of changes! Will you do a house tour of your new home at some point? Your NY apartment was so dreamy- I can’t wait to see what you do in Arizona! ✨✨

  4. Diana

    Beautiful. You truly are an inspiration to me, how you face and approach such a crazy unexpected change.

  5. Diana

    “ determination to refocus ourselves on the good” is what I am copy pasting from this text right into my brain. Hope it sticks. Hugs from The Netherlands!

  6. Olivia

    Yes your old format! LOVE this. 2020 has been rough but this made me smile and think of the good, simple pleasures it has also brought.

  7. Teresa

    What did you do with your cool NY apartment? Happy home ownership!!

  8. Your persistence inspires me Naomi!

  9. Kelly

    So much goodness!

  10. Tracey

    Love this.

  11. Jacqueline

    Love this, Naomi. It reminds me of your blogging style back when you lived in DC. It’s been such a hard year, but I deeply admire your focus on what’s good right now. Keep hanging in there! xx

  12. Caroline

    You’d make any new adventure perfect and adorable. So happy to follow along!

  13. Valeri

    Waiting to see your front door painted in yellow… your favourite color, isn’t it?

  14. Alex

    Change is hard, but I love this new era of you guys’ life. Everyone seems so happy and refreshed!

  15. diana

    girl I hate to break it to you but you moved to a new time zone/zip code when it was barely spring. summer wasn’t even a thought. 😂😂 it’s been a long year!

  16. Mary

    Give it til mid November before it really starts to cool down… October is pretty hot most years – sometimes the evenings start to cool down… I hope it does this year… this heat I tell ya is intense this summer and I’ve lived here my whole life.

    Excited for you and your family.

  17. Jocelyn

    I agree with the comment above, I get SO much joy from following you and your family and I’m excited to see what this new season brings to you all!

  18. Aileen Johnston

    I cant wait to see your adventures in a new place and somewhere that is so different from NYC! And yes home ownership whilst it has its great points is also a pain when you cannot phone a landlord to fix something! Welcome to home ownership :)

  19. miranda

    you’re such a great writer. Love reading your words.

  20. Rachel Simmons

    Time to get a dog!

  21. jane

    This is so sweet I hate to say that you still have another 6 weeks or so of summer to endure. The winter are nice, though!

  22. Hannah Spear

    I love reading your blog so much! You are such a great writer. I would love to learn more about your transition from NYC to AZ.

  23. Jen

    The kids are going to be so so excited when you get your first eggs! We have 4 and they are so so fun!

  24. Mom Uung

    it’s not a blog, its like a diary i think, but that’s great and i love it <3 You're a great writer dear

  25. ILEANA

    I could hear the background noise of each memory, just lovely. Cheers to 1,000’s more!

  26. Mallary

    Where in AZ did your family decide to settle? We’re thinking of leaving Seattle for Arizona, but haven’t picked THE spot.