tiny bubbles and hands so clean!

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if somewhere in the world there was an award given for “best hand washer,” i’d confidently place my bets on one of my girls to take home the title. beatrice and madalena have become exceptional hand washers in the year 2020 and diligently scrub their hands during the day like it’s their favorite pastime… to put it frankly – it actually is their favorite pastime. sometimes i have to hide the soap after their first five times washing their hands, or they’d remain at the sink for forty minutes of scrubbing their hands and wrists while singing about “bubbles!” and “allllllllll cleeeeaaaaannnnn!”  i don’t doubt that the littles in your home have also become professional hand washers. we’re still working on getting these two to turn off the water faucet and preserve water during their diligent scrub, but we’re getting there and about nine out of ten times i love seeing them stretch their tiny torsos over the bathroom counter to reach the handle to do so.  who knew hand washing would also require a change of clothes every single time since their bellies and t-shirts are often drenched with water from the process?

i know it goes without saying that most of our routines and schedules look a little different these days, and while trying to keep some sort of semblance of a schedule for our little ones, “back to school” and all that entails has drastically shifted for the majority of families. as our own family works to embrace new routines each day, we’ve been continuing our work of trying to swap out a lot of the plastic and disposable items for products that are gentler on our earth and reusable in our home. one of the ways we’ve done this is to replace the disposable soap containers at each bathroom sink (as well as the dish soap container in the kitchen) with Grove Collaborative’s refillable glass hand soap dispenser + hand soap pouch combo. it’s like a double whammy – knowing I’m keeping hands clean and the family healthy but also the planet, too.

for several years now we have been working on minimizing a lot of the plastic and disposable waste in our home. while acknowledging there is always more to do and we have a long way to go, i’ve shared some of the ways we’ve done this from time to time over the years- like swapping out laundry sheets to wool dryer balls (by Grove!), swapping plastic straws for reusable silicone, composting our food waste and no longer bringing plastic snack and sandwich bags into our kitchen. Grove, whom we have been subscribers to for several years now, is helping make more and more of these swaps easier for all of us and have so many incredible products that are plant-based, sustainable, and free of harmful chemicals.  a few others we love are Grove’s reusable snack/sandwich bags (so great for kids!), their beeswax wraps (to swap for plastic wrap), and their flour sack towels and microfiber cloths (to swap for paper towels which i admit i have had an obsession with in the past.)

i would love to hear about any small and simple swaps you’ve made lately in your home or routines that are great for the family and also the environment. please share in the comments below so everyone can read and benefit.  AND! if you’d like to sign up for Grove as a new member with this link, you will receive a free gift from Grove!

thank you to Grove Collaborative for sponsoring this blog post. and thank you for the taking the time to read and support the companies that help me keep this blog going!

beatrice often holds her hands in a cup shape and exclaims, “see, mom?! tiny bubbles! they so tiny!!!” and every single time i have to hold back from wanting to cover her cute cheeks in a million kisses after she shares this, because her little voice and love for things like “tiny bubbles” brings me a whole lotta happiness.

also- can we talk about how freaking long madalena’s hair is getting?! if she eventually lets me in on what products she’s using to get that length and shine, i promise to spill the deets! ;)

thank you again to Grove Collaborative for sponsoring this blog post. and one more shout out to all of you who read my blog and support it.

don’t forget to share in the comments any simple swaps you’ve made lately in your home or routine that is helpful for the fam and also the environment! always great to hear and learn from your tips!

  1. Erika

    try to always remember my reusable grocery bags! starting to ween off paper towels with using other cloths to clean, use my tumbler for water instead of bottled water (have you tried AZ water out of the tap? so gross!)… lots more to do but those are some simple ones!

  2. We use this too and have the silicone star sleeve in our guest bathroom for our toddler. She is also an excellent hand washer. I love that it encourages her to groom independently.

  3. Lexi B

    I actually just got my shipment of a Kickstarter project called “Last Tissue.” They’re little silicone packs that hold organic cotton tissues that you wash and then fold and put back in the pack! Significantly less gross (to me) than a hankie.

  4. Bailey

    Reusable makeup wipes! I switched to them this year and they clean so much better and were so cheap AND i’ll only have to swap them out every few years or so. Such a win. Love your posts!

  5. Katie

    I learned about this product called Soapen and I think your little ones would love it! You color on your hands with the soap and it washes off in 20-30 seconds. I tried it once because I saw it at a house I was visiting and it was hilariously cute.

  6. Sally Morrison

    Our stores are still not letting us bring our own bags. Hopefully soon now that Covid numbers are going down. Love your tiny bubble story.

  7. McKinlay Otterson

    I love this post and love that it is a journey to become sustainable. Small and simple. I LOVE my reusable bags that work for way more than just grocery shopping because they are so durable. Trader Joe’s has burlap bags that can seriously hold SO much weight and are only $3-4! The biggest thing I’ve done has switch over to a Menstrual cup. I can NOT say enough good about it. It is a learning curve at first but then it is WAY easier, cleaner, less smelly and saves seriously soooo much money. And of course WAY better for the environment! I love it. Also, I try to be more conscious about the brands I buy from. This can sometimes be more expensive BUT I am a big believer in investing in things that will last. Reformation is my new favorite find and I bought a pair of jeans from that not only fit beautifully but they also don’t harm the environment!

    Thank you for this post and your blog and sharing your beautiful life journey with us.

  8. :Donna

    I smiled my way through this whole post because my 3-year-old granddaughter LOVES washing her hands and playing with water! Even before the pandemic hit, playing with running water and pouring it in the sink in bowls and cups and water toys has been a “thing” :D We sing “Row Your Boat” with lyrics I made up for hand washing and she LOVES it! “That’s a good song, Meema!” :D It’s one of the free downloads on my website http://www.pippinherohelpers.com/hand-washing/

    (P.S. I’m emailing you about this and what’s related)