life lately, according to my camera roll.

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a photo dump of almost 50 images from my camera roll documenting some happy simple moments from summertime. birthday celebrations, small adventures near our new home, and apparently a lot of ice cream dates! i’ll let the photos speak for themselves. a lot of special nuggets in here that capture the spirit of these five spirited kiddos and our new chapter in arizona…. happy monday, everyone!

josh davis and his fruit picking outfit that he must have borrowed from the man in the yellow hat on curious george. ;)

the big haul earlier this summer from our grapefruit trees (read more about them HERE.)

sometimes our lizard friends come inside and briefly play house with us. mama doesn’t totally love this game, but the kids have built really fun homes for them with their magnatiles and we’ve only lost one lizard in our home behind the fridge but we did find him again about 24 hours later and released him once more outside. goooood times!

i wrote a lot about this day right here if you care to read.

getting to learn all about tractors thanks to our new neighbor!


haircuts by papa!

back at the beginning of the year, josh had planned a special trip with just samson that was supposed to take place in april. they had planned a big camping outdoor adventure trip at a special place but since travel plans weren’t able to come to fruition this year, they made a slight pivot and had an adventure at a lake a few hours away recently.  hopefully someday soon they can get their initial trip back on the schedule but i know they both had a wonderful time on this excursion where samson caught a couple of crawdaddy!


probably the best video clip anyone has ever text me was samson after he caught this crawdaddy! he said “mama, we just caught a lobster and we are bringing it home for you to eat tonight!” he knows how much i love my lobster! crawdaddy? nope.

like i said, a lot of ice cream dates!

and baby chicks!

and an almost completed chicken coop! what in the what! somehow our six chicks at the start of summer turned into 18 chicks by the end of summer. long story short, we realized if we’re building this big coop with a run that can fit 18, might as well go all in! and i am on an omelette kick so, there’s that! a few of the newer chicks we recently welcomed home are easter eggers, which means once they eventually begin to lay eggs, their eggs will be shades of blue and green and i can’t wait for easter next spring!

a delicious breakfast together this summer at snooze! this was the first restaurant excursion we took altogether in months where we sat at a socially distanced table outside and ate at the restaurant.

meet our new holland lop bunnies, snowcone and oatmeal! i shared a video and some photos of them here on my instagram. they have the funniest personalities! both of them jump so high in the air sometimes and love wandering around the home and exploring. we have a bunny hutch where they sleep at night in the play room, but we are currently trying to potty train them since we keep them inside and like when they are free to roam around the home. cross your fingers for us! all the articles i have read and YouTube tutorials say it’s totally possible, but we haven’t had a lot of luck just yet. we’ll see!

conrad and I went on a little lunch date and all he wanted to eat were mussels! fortunately we found a great spot that had a delicious menu where mussels were present and he loved them! ps- gotta love that chin mask!

lots of birthdays packed into a few weeks of summer starting with these two who turned TWO the end of may!

conrad learned to rollerblade this summer!

and beatrice and madalena learned to wear their bike helmets without any tears!

trying to keep cool in this heat with lots of swim time!

the fruit trees i’m most stoked about are the peach trees, obviously. wish they’d last year round but they certainly make summer extra special.

this sweetheart also had a birthday the end of may. samson is 8!

these bunnies have grown so much the last few weeks especially! eleanor, too. it’s wild.

  1. Tamila Leychkis

    Incredible changes in the last 5 months, totally different life West vs NYC> So happy to see all of you. E great soooo much!

  2. Pam Schroeder

    I’m happy to see the pictures and read the captions. I hope you are back, I miss seeing your adventures! You make living in AZ look like fun, I’m currently in Texas and miss Washington State. Is it hot where you are?

  3. S

    oh what a charmed life! love the chickies, the convertible, the pool, the bunnies, the fruit trees! you’re such a talented photographer. Can’t believe how grown up everyone is getting.

  4. Jessica

    Bunnies potty train much easier once they are spayed/neutered. Learned that the hard way with our free roam indoor buns. They sure are cute! Glad to see everyone is having such a great summer!

  5. ID

    Their little faces are now telling the story instead of their surroundings,
    and they are just lovely.

  6. Ina

    So happy that Life Lately photos are back! You have certainly been missed!

  7. Stephanie

    I love that big yard!!!!!!!

  8. Heather

    Yayyyy!!! This is like a huge southwestern party of a post that I just cherished. I’ve followed you for so long (Around the time you got married) that it feels like looking at photos of distant family. The country life in Arizona absolutely fits your fun loving gang and I’m sooo digging the animals you’ve brought into the fold. Hoping to get to see more of your hens and get to know them. Thank you so much for the bright light you and your family give this world. You’re doing an admirable job being a human and a woman and mother. Sending love!

  9. Sophie

    Gosh, the kids are so grown up, cannot believe Samson is 8 already! I’ve been following your adventures for so many years (before E. was born), we’re pretty much the same age, it’s so nice to see all these lovely pictures and what your family has been up to in the last few months. Also, I’m jealous of your pool! All the best, all the way from Switzerland :)

  10. Marsha Kern

    Love them!

  11. CS

    So happy to see your posts! Thanks for sharing.

  12. patty

    I’ve missed seeing this little family of yours! The freckles, the smiles, and the baby top knots!! So glad you’re back

  13. Loz

    Are you homeschooling comeloz Sept? It would be too cute.

  14. Shay

    Your family is beautiful! I think it’s so fun you have chicks and bunnies. And peach trees are my favorite. 😋 Such a blessing you have so many trees.

  15. JennG

    Looks like you’ve had some wonderful summer adventures💚

  16. Trisha

    I’m glad you guys have had fun! My therapist says to make sure you make memories during this time that the kids will remember forever, so they can tell their kids.

    Really curious what you’ve done with your home in NYC?

  17. Lesley

    Sooooooo happy for your family’s happiness. Looks like a sprawling property where the kids can run free! Wonderful pictures.

  18. Julie Brown

    so glad your back! Man, have i missed keeping up with your precious family!

  19. Connie

    ugh they are all just adorable i can’t even handle it!

  20. Karen

    It’s nice to see all of you happy and healthy! May I asked why you chose Arizona to stay? Lots of love

  21. liz

    Been following your families adventures since baby Eleanor days and man did I miss reading and scrolling through your blog posts! The internet can sure be unforgiving but gosh have I missed your words and posts!Giving a virtual hug and high five for all these lovely little moments.

  22. Margot

    Hello Naomi!
    Voici comment notre lapin (Biscuit) est devenu libre dans notre grand appartement il y a 5 ans et demi :
    Nous l’avons eu tout bébé et nous ne supportions pas l’idée de le laisser en cage. Alors nous avons appliqué ceci: lorsqu’il faisait pipi ou des crottes ou mangeait une chose interdite, nous lui montrions sa bêtise et le mettions dans sa cage 30 minutes ou une heure. Au départ cela ne fonctionnait pas mais au bout de quelques semaines il a très vite choisi de faire attention pour pouvoir aller jouer où bon lui semblerai et traîner dans nos pieds…
    Aujourd’hui il a bientôt 6 ans et se tient toujours très bien. Lorsqu’il y a un dégât (ce qui est très rare) c’est qu’il a vraiment quelque chose d’important à nous dire.
    Les lapins ne font pas de bruits et sont assez limités pour signaler les problèmes…
    Voilà j’espère que cela t’encouragera… Il n’y a pas de raison que cela ne fonctionne pas pour vos 2 petites boules de poils si mignonnes !!!
    Belle fin d’été à toute la famille <3

  23. Beautiful moments! I cannot believe summer is almost over. However, I am looking forward to a wonderful autumn.

  24. Iva

    So happy to read you on your blog! I love your writing there is always so much coziness coming out of it!!
    I gave up Instagram and it feels so good!
    Looking forward to reading from you 😉

  25. Morgan

    Oh I’ve missed seeing all the fun things you and your family get up to! I hope the transition to life in Arizona continues to go well, a new season with new memories to be made!

  26. kristen

    so fun to see a photo dump! your kids must be LOVING their new yard and animals! childhood at its very best! :)

  27. Abby

    If you could sum up Summer in pictures: this would be it! Love scrolling through these.. Hope you all are loving AZ!