an arizona sunset.

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hi! how are you? how have you and your loved ones been doing the last few months?

i didn’t intend to be away from my blog space for as long as it’s been, and i thank you for your patience as a few weeks away turned into a few months. it all feels like the blink of an eye but also 500 million years of time, right?

2020. only eight months in but it’s a year none of us will ever forget, yeah?

if you follow me on instagram, you know our family is currently in arizona and planning to remain here for the foreseeable future. it is a whirlwind of drastic change, brought on by the current pandemic which pushed josh and me to reevaluate our current set up and future set up for our children. it pushed us to say goodbye to new york city without actually getting to say goodbye. it brought us to our knees together as we counseled back in march in our new york city apartment and all the weeks that have followed — asking the Lord for guidance and direction in such unsettling times. it challenged us to embrace a moment in limbo and act upon it, trusting in His plan though it looked uncomfortably different from the one we’d always envisioned for our future.

but as we have held onto the small bursts of clarity and insight we’ve been given, we can acknowledge deliberate gifts received and simplified moments we’re treasuring. there is still a lot to celebrate in 2020.

we caught the sunset on a little hike out in the desert the other evening and it was glorious. sherbet shades of pink and orange that had all seven of us oohing and awwing at all the beauty still surrounding us. it had been the first evening in a long time where i grabbed my big camera on the way out the door. and by golly, it felt so freaking amazing to hold that beast in my hands again and capture a little bit of our small adventure in the hills of the desert together.

in a summer that looks vastly different from others, i know He still has a plan for each of us, and cares deeply for each of us, too. i know we’re all going a bit bananas in varying ways as so much feels out of our hands and big moments of pivoting and change are at our front door.  but i am saying a little prayer for you, and just want to leave a little message of hope here that nothing lasts forever. and there are silver linings in the pink and orange sherbet sky if we want to grab ahold and bring them in close.

i shared much more HERE about our new set up (citrus trees, hi!!!), and i’ll share more soon as we embark on a little bit of a renovation on an old ranch style house on the property we are excited to make home. i don’t know what all the future cards hold for our family, but i’m thankful for the peace i have received as i have let go of wanting to hold all the control and instead let our Father in heaven guide.

i am sending lots of love your way as you navigate your current chapter, too. thank you for the prayers and messages and love you have sent our way. i have felt it, and i have appreciated it.

and now, wayyyyy too many photos but that is what i love most about this old bloggity blog so get your scrolling finger ready. :)

  1. Katie

    YEY! Welcome back Mama! I look forward to watching your new life unfold. I’ve been a fan for a long timmeee (like 2009 I think)…..


    Katie from CT

  2. Emerald

    Such peace in these photos! Sending prayers and best wishes on this new adventure ❤️

  3. Jocelyn

    ♥️♥️♥️much love for you and your beautiful family ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Katie

    Glad to have you back :)

  5. Nikki

    So happy to see you blogging again and welcome to AZ. It’ll start getting better soon, but you can’t beat those AZ sunsets. There’s nothing like them in the world!

  6. Kara

    So happy you’re back to blogging!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Jen

    These pictures are so beautiful! What a lovely new home! How did you guys decide on Arizona? Were you able to get your stuff from NY?

  8. Lucy

    Yaaaaaaaaaay I’ve missed your blog posts so much.
    I understand why you’ve taken time out and even though we’ve all missed it, you guys come first.
    It must be such a culture shock for you all to go from New York to Arizona.
    I have so many questions, I’d love to know how much of a whim it was, was it a family decision with the kids involved, how the kids are doing after being so used to the city… I know they love the country with Utah being their playground too but how they’re adjusting. I would love to know if you’re homeschooling or they are moving schools (if they’re going back to school with Covid), how you’re dealing with the heat as I hear it’s been crazy out there… How’s Josh’s job going… All about the homesteading you’re doing and if you had friends out there already… How a new church is going… Just everything!
    But I completely understand you might not want to share and I get that! 💛
    It’s hard because I, and others feel so much a part of your life… I mean for me I’ve been following since before E… But I also know I couldn’t share my life easily like you do so I get it as much as I can!
    I love all the fruit trees you’ve got, the animals, the pool… Amazing. That landscape and those sunsets are like no other!
    I’m happy for you all in these crazy times.
    Anyway I’ll stop now but sending love to you all!
    Lush to have you back!
    Xxx 🇬🇧

  9. Venita

    I’m so glad your back:)

  10. Sarah

    I’m so glad to see you living and thriving! NYC will always be there and will always be a home in a way. I know it is for me, especially since I moved away almost 10 years ago.

  11. Leah

    She’s baaaack and aren’t we all so glad!! ❤️Lovely to see the return of your little family and so happy you’ve been able to find some peace. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

  12. Genesis

    love this! can you please do a post on how each of your kids feel about the move? especially the older ones. how are they adapting?

    I imagine it’s not as hard because you’re always traveling and on-the-go. They seem to adapt anywhere!

    Much love.

  13. Cait

    These are so completely gorgeous. I’m glad you’re all well <3

  14. Genesis

    also, tell us more about josh’s new job! sounds exciting.

  15. Trisha

    Thank you for your testimony and faith during this time. I’m grateful you guys gave fine some great opportunities and a new passion. Good luck!

  16. MC

    Welcome back!!!

  17. Lauren

    It is such a strange feeling to watch you soak up Arizona, as I started since since I started reading your blog 8 years ago when I was dying to get out of AZ and experience the big city you showed a glimpse into. Now I live in downtown Seattle, and I’ve got my fill. The desert is a beautiful restorative place. I hope to go back sometime, now that I know what the city feels like. Wishing you all the best in the sun 💛

  18. Anna

    Why did you choose Arizona? Have you lived there before?

  19. Maren

    What a beautiful backdrop! I miss seeing your little family updates. God is good. He will continue to guide you and all of us.

  20. McKinlay

    This made me tear up. Tears have been close to the surface lately but these weren’t sad tears. They were tears of connection. That as crazy at it is to try and comprehend, the entire WORLD is struggling with something so similar yet so intimately unique for each person. I think they were also tears of hope. That while I have sometimes felt recently that I’m not receiving the guidance I’m so earnestly seeking, that He still cares and is watching out for me. Thank you for the connection and hope you provided today. And for the gorgeous photos, as always 💛

  21. It’s hard to leave a place you love. Cheers to the present and to the future. XO

  22. Becka P.

    So glad you’re back!!!

  23. L P

    Just the message I needed today <3 thanks Naomi!

  24. Hannah E

    I have family up in the mountains of Prescott. It’s beautiful up there…as is the valley. Have fun enjoying your new home.

  25. Catalins

    Yo me nature is always a better choice 💚💚💚💚

  26. Kacie

    Wow! Such a beautifully embraced change. I’ve been following along since we were both pregnant with our firsts and am impressed by your bravery and this new adventure. Wishing you and yours all the best. x

  27. Melissa

    such a beautiful post. He is so faithful!

  28. Katie Hale

    Welcome to AZ. Been following your cute family since I was pregnant with my little girl in 2011.
    Once you get through the summer heat, the rest of the year really is quite lovely here.

  29. Elizabeth

    Always love your words and your pics! Looks beautiful there.

  30. Great post! It made me cry! I have missed your writing but I understand and admire the changes you have made. Much love and prayers for your family.

  31. Abby

    Hi Naomi! I’ve followed your blog/instagram for years. You’ve been really inspiring to me because I’m also LDS and from Utah and my biggest dream is to move to NYC someday!

    I want to thank you for this lovely post! Your photography is beautiful as always, and your words about trusting in God are exactly what I needed to hear today.

    Thank you for sharing your light with all of us on the internet! Best wishes to your family.

  32. Janet

    Heavenly Father is just so wonderful ♥️ I am so happy for your sweet family and look forward to more blog posts…

  33. Nia

    Conrad looks like he’s grown SO much since March. All 5 look happy and adorable as usual! Best of luck in your new adventure!

  34. Elisa Cobb

    Your family is always such a delight 💛 and your outlook is so inspiring! Thank you for continuing to share your bit of sunshine.

  35. Erin

    I am so happy to see you are back! Your blog has always o uplifting to me. Thank you.

  36. Paula

    Your family was so inspired to get out of NYC when you did. If you would have hesitated on the inspiration, you may have missed the window and would have been stuck there as things spiraled even more. I know it must be so hard to leave what you love, but I hope you’ll grow to love AZ, too. I live in Mesa, and although it’s a different world from NYC, it’s still a great place. I hope you end up loving it here, too!

  37. Briauna T

    Arizona has my heart. I grew up in Gilbert and currently live in Show Low. You should make it to the mountains sometime. The drive up through the salt canyon is breath taking. I hope you fall in love with this beautifully diverse state as much as me! And since you’re a foodie I could recommend some great places to try if you’d like!

  38. Karina

    Oh how I have missed your family and your beautiful photos! Looking forward to hearing more about Arizona :)

  39. Jackie

    Sending you all the love for your courage and faith… and the happiness you share with the world via the internet.

  40. gigi

    I look forward to your blog posts from Arizona. I hope more are on the way.

  41. Stephanie


    I could not believe it when I saw that my favorite blogger/instagramer and her family moved to my home town! Welcome! I know the summer is so hot, but just you wait for fall and winter! You are in for a treat!

  42. Emily

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve followed you since before Eleanor and I’ve missed your cute family on my feed. This is the sweetest post. I admire your faith so much!

  43. Joanna

    Just beautiful 💛

  44. Ann

    I wanted to tell you it’s good to see you writing again. You and your family are an inspiration to young mothers and families everywhere. You display your faith beautifully for the world to see. Our country is so desperate now more than ever and I believe the best solution for our world is to find Christ. Anyway thanks for writing again. You are a breath of fresh air in a time when there is so much negative. Blessings on your new adventures.

  45. Louise

    Very very beautiful pictures

  46. Robin

    Thank you for this great message. I’m happy to see your family thriving in a totally different setting!

  47. Lauren

    I’ve always wanted to visit Arizona, your photos only inspire me more! One day!

  48. Vange

    My goodness how I’ve missed you all, glad you’re all safe & healthy. Can’t wait to see your new lives unfold. God bless you all.

  49. Debb

    That’s awesome! I honestly don’t blame you for you leaving and taking your family out of the city. and as much as it pains us to see all that’s still happening in NY, it’s refreshing to see your family enjoying life in the desert! Can’t wait to see your new place! Also, what are you guys doing with all your stuff/home in NY? Sublet?

  50. Heather

    Such beautiful and awe-inspiring photos. The macro here is grand, but maybe the micro (Conrad’s freckles) even grander. Thank you for continuing to share with us your marvelous view of the world. I absolutely love Arizona (and our whole beautiful southwest here in the U.S.) and I cannot wait to see more photos of your home and pool and backyard and life in Arizona. I hope you’re making friends and maybe even able to see family a little more easily. Sending love!

  51. Kimberly

    I’ve been following along on your blog for so many years now and I’ve missed reading it these last few months. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for your sweet family and wishing you all the best on your new adventure!

  52. Katie

    Oh my goodness your babies can walk now! Time flies. All the best to you on your next adventure

  53. maria pereira

    I really love your positive focus despite the enormous change you must be dealing with. It’s incredibly inspiring and so precious in the online world.

  54. ally

    I am glad you are back! I’ve been following you since you lived in DC (while I was also living there!) and have since moved many times. I appreciate your honesty and transparency about the unexpected turns life has in store for us. Wishing you and your family well!

  55. Rebekah

    Beautiful pictures and so good to see you all doing to well and looking so happy!

  56. Marta

    with HIM all gonna be just fine! good luck and enjoy your beautiful family!
    Stay safe you lot! <3

  57. Jaana

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Where have your little babies gone? They’ve grown so quickly!

  58. Beautiful Beautiful Pictures. Sometimes the unexpected events bring the greatest joys. Even the hard unexpected events. Thanks for remaining positive and looking for the blessing in 2020 despite all the difficulty it may be bringing. New to your account and excited to follow along.

  59. Amber

    I’ve been thinking about you & praying for your sweet family. I’m so glad that you’ve found this space to roam and breathe in. God is still on the move. He is still with us, no matter how bananas the seasons get, no matter how upside down life feels, He is present and beauty, love & light can be found in the midst of it all. I Pray rest and joy and many more gorgeous sunsets over you. You’re doing great! xo

  60. JennG

    Congratulations on this chapter and making decisions that are right for your family 💚

  61. Abby

    Gorgeous photos Josh and Naomi! I’ll be dreaming of a trip to AZ now.. Sending my love to your family- happy you’re back. :)


  62. Jeni

    Beautiful — your photos, words and faith. SO glad you (and that beastly camera — you’re just too good with it!) are back. xoxoxo

  63. Edna

    Good luck in this new phase of your lives. I have to ask if the leather sofa also made the move😍. Can’t wait to see your new place and how you decorate it. Stay safe and healthy.

  64. Bekah

    So so so happy to have you back on the blog! A simple and beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  65. I love these photos and all the FRECKLES! I am so sorry you weren’t able to give NYC a proper goodbye but I hope life in Arizona is treating you well!