a baptism in the swimming pool.

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playing a big game of catch up with my blog right now, and wanted to share this special update from a few months back! our handsome mister samson turned eight years old at the end of may and chose to be baptized.  samson was so excited for his baptism in the months leading up to his birthday and we were trying to figure out how best to make it happen for him when our church buildings (the more usual or common place where baptisms take place) are currently closed due to the pandemic. and so, samson was baptized by his papa in our pool, with just our family present. eleanor and me acted as the two official witnesses, and our bishop and extended family participated via zoom. it was a really special morning and i don’t think samson or any of us will forget it anytime soon. i’m thankful for the light samson carries with him, and i love this little dude to pieces.

when i shared a little on instagram, i had some questions surrounding our faith and the way baptism is structured (like why baptism in our church takes place at the age of eight or older, which is when we believe someone begins to be accountable for choosing right from wrong). i linked a few things in this blog post to be helpful if you are wanting to learn more, but as always, you are welcome to email me. i have been the worst the past few months staying on top of direct messages on IG or emails, but i am making an effort to get back into a little bit of a routine of checking them and responding as we get better situated. thank you for your patience. also! thank you for all of the love as i logged back into the blog for the first time the other week with a new post. i hope you have an amazing weekend and eat something delicious and have belly laughs at some point too.  i am sending you lots of love.

a few photos from samson’s baptism morning…

  1. This is wonderful, Samson. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and it is a joy to see all of the children grow. Blessings to you, Samson, on your personal faith journey. God will always guide and strengthen you.

  2. Alexis Jacobson

    So proud of him for choosing to be baptized! It is always such a beautiful experience and I always love how excited and nervous they are beforehand ❤️. I am sorry it had to be during this trying time but it was probably a super intimate and spiritual time as well. I am 1st counselor in primary in my ward here in Naperville Illinois. I always tell my primary kids that God loves them so much and that he is very happy that they have chosen to follow him. I love reading your blog and your family! Thank you!

  3. This is so special. When I was baptized, we were in new church and they didn’t have a baptismal yet, so I was baptized in the large pond on out farm! I’ll never forget it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Blair Kawa

    What a special memory for him! He’ll never forget getting Baptized in the year of COVID. Xo

  5. His smile is so big! Congrats Samson! I am glad you were able to adapt to the circumstances and that family was still able to be apart of it all!

  6. Sophie Cappa

    I don’t think the world « chose » is appropriate. At 8 years old.